I'm so excited to help you find a wellness routine that meets you where you’re at and helps you create healthy habits that enhance every area of your life! Let me fill you in on what’s included when you choose to work w/ me!


1. Fitness & Movement : access to a full year (or monthly depending on the package you get) membership to our digital platform called BODi that equips you with everything you need for your fitness routine! You have complete access to all our world renowned fitness programs AND live classes in all types of training formats so you’ll never get bored, never plateau and always have options that align with different seasons of life and your own personal goals!

2. Nutrition : Get access to two family friendly, lifestyle focused nutrition programs created by registered dietitians and nutritionists and backed by thousands of busy people who need a simple approach to healthier habits w/ food while still living your life fully! It’s not about restriction and deprivation, it’s about developing a healthier relationship with food for life and focusing on what nutrients we can ADD IN vs what we need to take out to reach our goals.

3. First Month of Supplements : we have an incredible line-up of supplements to choose from for your pack depending on where you’re starting and where the most urgent gaps are that we can help fill! We have everything you need for superfoods & pre + probiotics for gut health, energy without the crash, electrolytes + endurance and muscle recovery for workouts, healthy skin and hair glow. All things most of us are needing to feel our best in life!

These are the best of the best supplements on the market. You could journey without them, sure....but these supplements fuel your body at a cellular level and enhance your health from the inside out. They are such a crucial part of our health equation! There are four different options to choose from w/ your getting started pack and you’ll let me know which one you want on your goal form.

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4. Mindset & Personal Growth : You'll get access to mindset resources within the BODi platform and have the option to sign up for a GrowthDay membership if you want to build your mental muscles alongside your physical. If you're struggling to stay consistent with your healthy habits, it's not a physical thing, it's a mental thing! By getting your mind right every morning, you’ll be able to break negative thought patterns and create new beliefs that support your goals and who you want to become! A GrowthDay membership will get you access to everything you need to support you through letting go of old habits, limiting beliefs and disempowering stories that are keeping you stuck and equip you w/ a whole new mindset & perspective for life!

5. Coaching & Community : you get access to our virtual community of incredible women in all seasons of life who are showing up and working on their goals together! Plus of course you get me as your personal coach to guide and support you along the way! You never have to do this alone.

6. BODi Partner/Affiliate Option: You also have the opportunity at any point to pay health & happiness forward just like I do and earn an income WHILE you’re on your own journey. This is path two in the options below and where the lifelong transformations, fulfillment and impact are elevated.... whether you want to join strictly for health & wellness OR if you want to add the option to grow an income and help others, I’m so excited to work with you!!


PATH #1 Health & Wellness : If you’re solely interested in working on your fitness, nutrition and mindset (mind & body) then this path is for you. During the 3 phases working w/ me in my virtual gym, you’ll learn how to embrace a healthy LIFESTYLE you love, creating lifelong habits that you can lean into in all seasons of your life to help you have the energy and capacity to show up for the people you love, including yourself!

PATH #2 Health, Wealth & Wellness : This is my favorite path for my clients cause it’s where life changes can happen in an even bigger way! This path is what opened up so much possibility in life for our family and I love getting to help other women do the same for their own lives!

Path two is where you get the most access to me as your coach and mentor because on this path, you are now able to work on your own wellness goals AND become a BODi Partner/Affiliate on my team and earn income by sharing your journey and inspiring others to join you as they work on their own goals. Don’t worry, you can do as little or as much w/ this as you’d like and I’ll teach you everything it takes to start sharing and inspiring others to get connected to these incredible solutions just like you. You can be more of an affiliate for our programs and products and just link up to the products you’re loving to get a kick back here and there or you also have the opportunity to build this more like I have and lock arms with a team of people who want to build an extra income stream and support others as they journey themselves.

This path gives you an extra layer of accountability and the most uplifting community of people to build a lifelong health routine alongside an additional income stream as you partner with BODi and me as your mentor to turn your commitment to your health into meaningful income and impact that can support your family's goals and dreams. No experience or certifications required. Just a heart to help others and goals you want to bring to life!

BODi Partner: Connect people to BODi products and to the BODi opportunity, growing a community of people who want to help others alongside you and expand your impact and income potential even more.

BODi Affiliate: If building a team of BODi partners is not something you’re interested in, you can choose to become a BODi Affiliate where you can earn commission on BODi products you recommend without the commitment of building a team.

DISCLAIMER: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

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I'm a country living mom of 6, so I know first hand how hard it can be to make time for yourself. It can feel overwhelming and stressful - and the thought of making some changes seems distant and unrealistic.  

But, I know deep down you feel that you are worth it and deserve that time for you! And the truth is, your entire family benefits when mom takes care of herself!  

For the past 10 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of women around the world, helping them grow in every area of their life. I've heard all the struggles, the fears, the failures, the frustrations and the self destruction.  

But even more so, I've heard about the wins, the triumphs, the goals hit, the new habits formed and have been able to witness the transformation that takes place when we get intentional about how we spend our days.  

That's why I do what I do. To help women like you become empowered to lose the weight and keep it off. You CAN create a lifestyle that works for you and your family and I'm here to mentor and guide you through that learning process! 

Let’s hear what some of our Virtual Gym members have to say about their experience so far...

Yes, there is a physical difference (HELLO, muscles!) BUT my biggest transformation can’t be seen. It’s the mindset transformation that has taken place over the last several years mainly because I never workout alone. I have a huge community of support that stands with me and encourages me to work towards my best. I can say that I am know what true happiness is today🤍

Quarantine. 4 kids. Moved across the country and in temporary housing for a couple months while our home was getting built. Still showed up 6 days a week because of the community, support and resources we have! And because I NEEDED it to help me get through the crazy!

I spent too many years of struggling with my weight and not knowing how to keep it off. I hated my body, I hated that it seemed so “easy” for other women. I got back from my honeymoon and found a picture of myself on a beautiful beach in my bathing suit...and instead of seeing the beauty around me, I saw me with my flab coming out of my bathing suit and i was mortified. I was ready to change. And I had the tools, i just needed to use them.

5.5 years later. 3 pregnancies, 2 beautiful babies and these tools and this community made me realize that I can do hard things, that my body and my mindset are capable of change. I have never stuck to anything this long. Not a job and certainly not my own health and fitness journey!

Post baby journey. 2nd C-section. Battling PPD. Kept showing up and then ran my first marathon post babies. I did Beachbody strength workouts (dif variety for 10 months) and pushed the stroller to train. 6 weeks of the work and the prep weeks were repeated a lot too.

I was the girl who yo-yo’d with nutrition and had a gym pass but never used it. Home workouts didn’t seem like they’d actually work - and if they did, they’d be WAY too hard “for someone like me”. But I was wrong - my first program felt like a party in my living room, and I was hooked after that!!

The nutrition courses have helped me ACTUALLY change because they aren’t a prescribed meal plan - they taught me HOW to eat, HOW to change my relationship with food, and HOW to set an example for my kids while eating the same foods as my family. I’ve lost over 115 lbs from home using these tools and I am just as obsessed with them now as I was on day 1 - this freaking works!!.

Bouncing back from endless emotional eating as a Bipolar I mama & hashimoto’s; I gained a rapid 50 lbs after having my first baby! New mental health meds & a hypo thyroid sent me in a downward spiral. I struggled with acid reflux & believing that eating half a package of bacon 🥓 a day was good for me until I committed to a 21 day ultimate reset with our team! 

Once I found out the foods that made my body HATE me, keeping me bloated, and captive to not losing weight... I went all in on our ultimate portion fix program with the timed nutrition path.  Beachbody’s programs & our accountability groups have not only saved me from going back to the ER for my gut health... but it’s saved my life from feeling out of control.

40 lbs down 19.5 inches lost forever

I start after dealing with Cervical Cancer and depression. As a busy single mom of 3 kids with a very demanding career in the travel industry, I figured out the hard way I needed to learn how to put my oxygen mask on first.  I started with a dance program named Cize, I didn’t think I would stick to it but my accountability group kept me going, when I found out that the cancer had come back a month and half later, they were there for me, when I decided to do a full hysterectomy at the age of 32, they were there for me, made sure I checked in every day! I have never not done a program since I started. Through all the ups and downs that life has thrown me this community has helped me stick to my journey. 

I am down 30 lbs and over 35”. The physical transformations are great but the mental and emotional results are what have completely changed my life!

Started with workouts and Shakeology and “typical” healthy eating, clean eating ideas, etc. Took me four years to create a daily habit of exercise and change my mindset around what was possible. Life happened, got sick, got down, gained a bunch, stuck to my daily habits of exercise, continued to try - 2020 stopped trying and did the thing again, actually committed to 2B, lost in 2.5 months what originally took me 4 years to lose 😆

Collegiate athlete and working out at the gym 6 days a week for 2+ hours at a time to working out at home for 20-40 minutes 4-6 days a week. Following 2B and using our supplements that help me feel amazing! My body composition and confidence have both completely transformed. 🤍

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Disclaimer: Please do not apply if you are not ready to commit to yourself. This will take effort and there will be days of struggle. That's why it's so important to have a mentor (me) and a supportive environment to thrive in! Plus, your body, mind and spirit will thank you for the love and self-care it's been craving!

I am 150% committed to the women I work with, and I expect nothing less in return.✨

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If you haven’t had success in the past it’s cause you haven’t done THIS yet with me! 

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I'm REALLY looking forward to helping you change your life.
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