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Stop Waiting for Your Title to Give You Confidence


Stop Waiting

In this episode, I share my insights on why relying on your title & external stamps of approval will hold you back from showing up as your best self on social media. This is something that I feel holds so many entrepreneurs back in the early years. I reveal how to stop waiting on your title to give you confidence and instead show up consistently with authenticity, passion, entertainment, and education. 

Show Notes: 

1:07 Stop Waiting on Your Title & External Stamps of Approval

When you are building something from the ground up or putting yourself out there on social media for the first time, there are so many different roadblocks that can get in the way. One of the roadblocks I see happening in these early stages is people getting caught up over title, rank, or something external that qualifies them.

If you are someone who is trying to build a business and you are feeling like you are not where you need to be, I want to help you bash that right now! Today, in this moment, you have so many qualities that you can show up and bring to the table to offer people. 

3:33 Why People Follow Me

I have been building businesses for almost eight years now. For those of you that are within the ecosystem of coaching, you may know my rank, the income we bring in, and you may say “that’s why Micah’s successful!” But I can promise you that when new people are coming to my social media, they don’t know my rank, income, and most don’t even know that I am a Beachbody coach. 

5:40 Show Up With Authenticity

The first thing to build upon is authenticity. It’s free, available to everyone, and you can choose to show up real. Start building those authentic relationships and create a community within your social media by showing your real YOU. They want to feel like they can trust you from the things you share, from the posts you make, and the things that you say. 

6:40 Show Up With Passion 

Your followers will feed off the energy you’re giving them. Are you bringing your passion, excitement, and energy to your platform every single day? 

Talking specifically about social media, people aren’t going to care how successful you are. They’re going to see how excited you are and how it’s transforming your life. These are the things that are going to ignite your energy around who you are attracting.

7:54 Show Up With Entertainment 

People come to social media because they want a BREAK from life. So if you are a funny person, is that coming through? 

So many people show up on my social media because I show my mom life. I share the good, the bad, and the in-between. It’s not only entertaining, but it’s relatable!

9:38 Show Up Consistently 

One of my biggest superpowers is consistency. I have SHOWN UP in every season of life since I’ve started coaching. Through pregnancy, moving across the country, through trials, and so much more. This creates credibility.

When somebody is choosing between different people to work with, they’re not going to choose the one that shows up occasionally. They’re going to choose the person who shows up daily.

11:18 Expertise and Education

I feel like this can get kind of skewed. For instance, I am not a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and I am not certified in the things I help women with. But thankfully, I can be successful in helping women without those things. I can help women ransform their lives with the same solutions I’ve used to transform mine. I help them stay on track with their goals, create a thriving community, share my experience, share my personal testimony, and share what I am continuing to learn along the way.

Whatever it is in your field that you love, be a river – not a reservoir. Whatever you are learning, give it back to your community. Share bits of pieces of nuggets that people will value.  

13:00 You Can’t Underestimate the Power of Your Story

From day one of signing up with a new opportunity, you have a story to share. You have a past, you have a present, and you have a future that you’re creating. 

I recently heard a quote from John Maxwell talking specifically about titles and he said “People follow courage, not titles.” How true is that? I know I follow certain women on social media who are just bold, fierce, and courageous. That is so attractive & intriguing to me!

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Stop Waiting
Stop Waiting
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