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Showing Up When You Don’t Feel Like It


Do Your Crap Podcast

We all have days when we don’t feel like showing up. There is probably one thing that really moves your business (or life) forward, but you don’t really like to do it. You wait til the last possible moment to get it done or you just run out of time and it doesn’t get done.

In this episode, I want to empower you to “eat that frog” with actionable items to get you aligned in your vision and purpose for your life, so you can consistently show up even when you don’t feel like it! 

Show Notes:

5:24 Eat that frog 

There is a book called “Eat that frog” and it talks about doing the most important thing – the thing that you just don’t want to do! 

In your business, you probably have that one thing that really drives your results. It’s the thing that really moves your business forward, but you don’t really like to do it. Therefore, you leave it for the last thing on your list (and most days you let yourself run out of time).

Flip the script and eat that frog!

Book Recommendation: Eat That Frog

8:25 Staying Motivated

How do you stay motivated, and how do you show up on the days that you just don’t feel like it? When you don’t want to workout, talk to people on social media, or do you personal development – where’s your focus?

I’m an introvert through and through. But, what I’ve learned is that by reaching out and connecting with other humans and doing the things that are unnatural, it allows me to grow and find fulfillment in a way that I never would have otherwise.

It’s not about me. It’s about the person on the other side!

11:47 Get Pulled By Your Vision & Purpose

Do you have belief in your vision? Is what you want out of your business driven by something that will pull you? 

If you missed last week’s episode about vision, click here!

14:46 I’m In a Funk! What Do I Do?

When you find yourself in a funk, do these things:

  • Unplug from social media & plugin to personal development (fuel your brain with positivity and light)
  • Move your body! Blast the music! Do it for yourself!
  • Declutter & do something productive. Clean your room, make your bed, and give yourself a sense of empowerment.
  • Get out in nature and breath in the fresh air.
  • Listing gratitudes (list out 10 things you’re grateful for)

Music Recommendation: Justin Bieber

23:28 Do Your Work and Get Out of The Office

The question I get all the time is…”how do you stay motivated??”

And I always tell people that the key is to just get the work DONE! Because at the end of the day, I feel so much better talking to real people after putting in the necessary hours of productive work.

Once you get clear on why you’re here, it takes away the option to not show up.

24:35 Each and Every Day Matters

Every day you can make the choice to become the next level version of yourself. Align your behaviours and habits around the things that will get you closer and live a purpose-filled life.

THAT is how you show up and do the work on the days you feel like it, and those that don’t. Get clear on this and I promise that you won’t have to struggle on the days that you don’t feel unmotivated.

Let your feet hit the ground and get to work! Every day matters.

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    I’m an LDS mom of 5 who decided 8ish years ago that I was not going to settle! So I took an opportunity to start my own business and create the life I REALLY wanted. Now, I help women like you do the same!!

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