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Shatter Self Doubt to Accomplish Your Goals


Shatter Self Doubt

Let me give you a pep talk that will help pave your path to greatness by shattering your self doubt in order to accomplish your goals. In this episode, I talk about the things that hold people back from achieving their vision, the honest truth about success, and the importance of continuing to grow and innovate. It’s a topic that came to me in the shower, where all our best ideas come from! This is a conversation from my heart to yours, especially for those who are on personal growth journeys and building a business. 

Show Notes:

1:27 How Did I Get Here?

This morning, I had the opportunity to speak on a call for leaders in our coach network – called the “Best of the Best”. Corporate made a graphic with my statistics, name, and details, and that picture made me ask myself “how did I get here?” I identified a few things that I wanted to chat about to help you trust and believe in yourself no matter what path you’re on. There are a lot of things trying to hold us back! Most roadblocks are overcomable if we work through them.

3:30 There’s Always the First Person to Pave the Way

I once was a little bitty fish in a big ocean when I started my business. I had no expectations, no idea of what was possible, and no credentials. All I knew was that if one person could do it, then it was possible for everyone. When I saw others doing the thing that I dreamed of for myself, it was GAME ON! If you are in an opportunity where somebody is ahead of you, then it’s possible for everyone and you need to STOP entertaining all of the other negative crap.

6:18 Get Clear on What You Desire

I want you to get really clear on what you desire. Why did you get started in this business? What is your end goal? What is your PLAN? If you don’t know what you want and the plan to get there, you have no way to navigate the journey.

Every single day, choice, and habit matters. Get super clear on your desires!

9:24 Getting to Your Next Level is Hard

Every personal development book will tell you it’s going to be hard. It takes grit, persistence, and hard work. Commit to that process of growth, failure, figuring it out, and learning. This is where all of the progress, joy, and fulfillment happens. The beauty is not at the end, but it’s on the journey towards your goal.

11:02 Continual Growth & Innovation

How I did things and where I was at in my mindset was the best I knew how throughout every season. But, I committed to keep learning and growing my mindset throughout the way.

Ask yourself: How can I shift and get creative about what I’m doing so that I can move forward.

11:02 Stay on the Path

I want you to know…if you are on a path towards something that you are passionate and excited about, stay on the path. You need to be persistent, believe what is possible, believe you have what it takes, and remain committed to your journey.

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Shatter Self Doubt
Shatter Self Doubt
Shatter Self Doubt
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