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postpartum nutrition

Today I am excited to be talking all about nutrition and more specifically, postpartum nutrition. While reflecting on my postpartum journeys, as well as those of the women I’ve worked with, I realize that without a doubt, food is the thing we struggle with the most. In this episode, I talk about each one of my postpartum journeys, my plan for this one I am currently in, nutrition plans, timelines, and how to find balance with it all.

Show Notes: 

2:42: I Did NOT Focus on Nutrition During Baby #1

Nutrition is so unique to each of us. What works for me might not work best for you. You can’t go on Pinterest, follow a meal plan, and quit when it doesn’t work for you. It’s a constant journey to figure out what works for you and your body. With my first baby Jonnie, I was 20 years old and didn’t follow a nutrition program at all. I didn’t care what I ate and that caught up with me during my pregnancy! I definitely gained the most weight during this pregnancy and afterwards, I went into full-on “pre-baby” body mode and ordered my first Beachbody program. 

7:47: I Started to Learn About Nutrition After Baby #2

When I gave birth to Knox, I wasn’t as motivated to get the weight off as I was with Jonnie. I remember getting to a point where clearly what I was doing wasn’t working. That’s when I started T-25 and Shakeology. That’s when I noticed big changes, and I’ve been using it ever since then. I also started to incorporate a few recipes from the T25 nutrition guide for each meal of the day, and it simplified the process of eating healthy. At this point, I still didn’t fully understand how to grocery shop for best results or how to create my own meal plans.

12:24: Getting Locked & Loaded With a Plan

After giving birth to Brigg, I was locked and loaded with a gameplan! But don’t forget, it takes just as long to lose the weight and let your body recover as it does to to give birth. After my 4th, Fynnlee, I was able to be in a test group for 2B Mindset which is a nutrition program that changed my life. It allowed me to figure out what worked for me, and what doesn’t. I tracked my foods, tracked every bite, and it helped me ask myself “is this worth it or not” on an ongoing basis.

21:30: My Plan For Baby Rev Right Now

I eat a LOT of food. I’m never cutting calories but if I’m eating the right foods, my body will drop the weight. To ensure that I remain consistent, I have to make sure that my meals are convenient, enjoyable, and simple. I always stock up on frozen veggies, fruits, and things that are munchable/fast. You have to clear out the crap that’s going to tempt you! 

33:15: Feeling My Best vs. Looking My Best

More than anything, as my postpartum journey has evolved, my focus has shifted from getting back into shape to just feeling my best. In the process, I want to enjoy life and enjoy my journey – not hating every meal just so that I can look a certain way. Every week, we also allow for one treat meal that might include pizza, steak and mashed potatoes, and of course cake or some kind of dessert. It’s all about finding the balance!

41:08: You Have the Opportunity to Do a Program With Me

I’m going to be open and honest along this journey with you! If you struggle with nutrition yourself and need a plan, reach out to me on Instagram and I’d love to help coach you through these programs through my Virtual Fit Gym.

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