Why Do You Self-Sabotage and How Can You Use It to Help You Grow? with Heather Chauvin

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Today we are digging into a topic that is probably one of the most common questions that I get. We’re talking about self-sabotage. Our guest today is Heather Chauvin, a leadership coach, author, podcaster and TedX speaker. Her mission is to help high achieving women overcome their fears and live according to their own terms.

Show Notes: 

03:05 Becoming a Change Maker

Heather shares her story of becoming a young mother and how she was driven by a fear of failure. Heather went on to become a social worker, but as she continued to grow as a mother and a professional, she realized that she didn’t want to be in social work forever. She began searching for the work that she was called to do from within. Two months after she left her corporate job, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. 

09:40 Growing Awareness

Originally, Heather didn’t identify with becoming a change maker, she was wondering what was wrong with her for wanting more. She talks about how women often don’t give themselves permission to want what they want. It’s important to be aware of how your surroundings impact your thoughts and feelings about situations. 

15:48 Digging Into Self-Sabotage 

Heather reminds us that self-sabotage is part of the journey. It is a form of humanness. She shares some examples of where she experiences resistance in her own life. The tools and systems that you have in place can be your anchors to achieving the results that you want to achieve. We have the capability to rewire our stories to shift the pattern and align with our bigger vision.

22:30 Driven By the Feeling

Heather explains the concept of energetic time management. Once you know how you want to feel, then you can get clear on the strategy behind it. Each action changes that mental current towards the person you want to become. Heather shares her framework for moving in the direction of how you want to feel, in small, approachable chunks, and building habits accordingly. 

28:50 How Self-Sabotage Can Actually Help You

Heather sees self sabotage as resistance. She says when you run towards what you are resisting the most, then you will have the quickest breakthrough. It’s about choosing whether you want to feel the pain of resistance or the discomfort of growth. You can be a victim, or you can become radically responsible for your own life.

38:03 Seeing Potential as a Coach

We talk about what to do when you see the potential in a coach, but they don’t see it in themselves. Heather recommends qualifiers and understanding the psychological factors behind their choice to do the work. She often gets honest and calls out what she sees to let them know that their actions aren’t in alignment with what they want. Your success is not determined by the progress of your clients. 

45:38 What to Focus on for Real Lasting Change

Consistency is not sexy, but so essential. By checking in with yourself throughout the day and aligning your actions with how you want to feel, your life will noticeably change over time. 

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