Go from Unfulfilled to Unstoppable with This Simple Shift

unfulfilled to unstoppable

This episode is for all my business owner and entrepreneur friends! If you are feeling uninspired in the day to day, or are just ready to take your business to the next level, listen in to this quick pep talk! I share how aligning your business with your purpose will not only bring fulfillment and motivation to keep going, but will also bring you incredible results.

Show Notes: 

00:50 Dial In To Your Purpose

I am so passionate about helping people find their joy and purpose in their lives. Today I am talking specifically to business owners. In the years of working with many different entrepreneurs, the people who find the most joy in their work are the people who are the most dialed in to their purpose.

02:44 Showing Up to Check The Boxes

So many people are just showing up for their day without being really passionate about the work they’re doing. In this situation, they aren’t getting the results they want or they are hating the process along the way. 

03:29 Meant For More

If you’re building a business, it’s because you have bigger goals and dreams. There is a reason behind why you initially started this journey. Going above and beyond in pursuit of this is great until you start to resent it. When resentment happens, then friction happens and you get stuck. The key to overcoming this is dialing into your purpose behind it all.

06:18 Get Clarity

I invite you to ask yourself what you are actually showing up for. Get fully aligned in your purpose. Each of us has a unique reason for doing the work we do. By aligning with your heart and your calling, that’s what keeps you going.

08:28 Patriarchal Blessing

I talk about a blessing within my church that gives you a roadmap for who you can become. When I received mine, it talked about being a light and also a leader. I have seen that come to life as I am now living my purpose through my business and all that I do as an entrepreneur.

13:45 Finding Your Purpose In Your Business

Once you dial into the true purpose and the reason behind why you are doing this work in your business, it will get so much more fulfilling! Not only will you feel so much more fulfilled, but your results will show it as well. 

15:54 Making a Difference Through Each Action That You Take

Everything that you do can make a difference when you put purpose behind it. When you are making a difference, you will feel called to your work, instead of feeling resistance. So if you are feeling stuck or uninspired in your business, get back to the bigger picture and put purpose behind it. Adjust accordingly and I promise you, you are going to feel and see such amazing results in 2022, let’s go!

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