Time Blocking – My One Habit that Helps Me ‘Do it All’ Without Losing my Shiz with Micah Folsom

Time Blocking with Micah Folsom

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If you’ve got goals for 2023 along with a full family calendar, this episode is for you!! The most common question I get from my subscribers is “How do you do it all without losing your shiz?!?!”  Time Blocking is the simple answer. So, in this week’s solo pep talk, I want to give you the lowdown on how to really manage your time, using time blocking so that you are focused where and when you need to be. I dive into self discipline, how to stay focused and what time blocking is, so you can create your weeks to get the most out of the hours in your day. My goal with this episode is to show you that you CAN hit your goals and still have energy to focus on other personal priorities. 

Show Notes: 

00:21 Self Discipline is Required

Be disciplined with your time and yourself. We all have responsibilities, so try to stay on track. It’s about managing the hours in the day that you have and the energy you are pouring into those hours.       

02:11 Time Blocking Your Week Ahead

Look at your days and weeks ahead to get a clear picture on how you want to distribute your time with time blocking. Ask yourself what you want to get done and accomplish in different blocks of the day. Stay focused and don’t let distractions in.             

06:43 Stay Focused Where You Are         

Be where your feet are. Don’t try to do a bunch of things in the cracks of what your main focus is. Be present in the space you have created for that focus. It will help you get things done and not feel so strung out.             

09:22 Align Your Priorities           

Take a look at your calendar and look at how you are spending your time. If you aren’t spending time on something you consider a priority, then your words and actions aren’t aligning. Write it in and actually take action during the time you set aside for it.     

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