Selling Doesn’t Have to Feel Sleazy with Money Coach Tara Newman

Selling thats not Sleazy

In this episode, I am joined by Tara Newman to talk all about money. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have a good relationship with money so you’re comfortable selling your product. Tara and I dive deep about getting over the fear of selling, getting comfortable with money and wealth, the misconceptions around money that most people have, how posting on social media isn’t enough, and how Tara’s journal made her millions. It’s a good episode that I know you’ll love!

Show Notes: 

We have such an awesome guest today for all of my entrepreneur listeners! Tara Newman, through her podcast and program, supports service providers by creating premium offers and scalable sales systems so they can significantly increase profitability.

1:52 An Honest Discussion About Money

Tara is a business growth strategist working with female experts running service based businesses (both online and brick and mortar). Over the years, Tara has evolved through her own trials and tribulations. One of the challenges is around having conversations around money without giving it any meaning. 

8:14 How Tara Overcame the Fear of Selling

It was really hard for Tara to promote herself! She had to first separate herself from the business. Then, she had to take responsibility for solving somebody’s problem through her business and reframing the words she uses.

Some of the things Tara shifted in her belief:

  1. Sales Calls Are Conversations
  2. Selling is a Service

15:40 Be a Helpful Human

Somebody recently reached out to Tara in response to an email asking a lot of questions, and Tara booked a call with her. Although this person likely wasn’t ready for one of her programs, Tara wanted to make her feel seen and confident.

20:08 Posting on Social Isn’t Enough

Sometimes the hardest thing for people to understand is that you have to be in a relationship to others. You can’t just post social media content expecting people to buy. This is a recipe for being broke! Instead, you have to build relationships and make connections. 

26:51 The EMS Framework

EMS stands for energy, mindset, and strategy. Energy for Tara is where she’s coming from and what her approach is. By having a strong energy, it will carry through to the actions you’re taking and get just as much results in half the time (while making sure you’re taking time for yourself first).

39:55 Tara’s Journal Has Made Her Millions

Tara teaches women in her programs how to be self-reflective in their businesses to figure out what’s working, what’s not working, and much more. 

Click here to learn more about Tara’s CEO Debrief.

41:08 Own Your Desire to Be Ambitious

Being unapologetic around money & success takes time to master. You have to know that you deserve your goals, you’re worthy for your goals, and you are enough with or without them.

46:49 Getting Connected to Tara

If you’re a business owner and struggle with getting aligned or making money, go follow Tara on Instagram and check out her website.

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