Taking your Business from Solopreneur to Next Level Impact with Kurt Wilkin

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This conversation will be especially beneficial to entrepreneurs that are looking to grow and scale their businesses. Our guest is Kurt Wilkin, an expert in hiring, firing and growing your team. He is a trusted advisor for high-growth, middle market companies as founder and managing partner of Bee Cave Capital and co-founder of Hire Better. We talk about what to do when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, who to hire, and how to get the right people in the right place. 

Show Notes: 

03:48 A Great Team is Necessary for a Great Business

Kurt was an accountant out of college with a big firm, but it wasn’t for him, so he got into entrepreneurship in the consulting industry. With a young family, failure was not an option and he used that as motivation to grow his business. He had great success and learned that talent is necessary for growing businesses. He talks about his work with Hire Better and how he helps people build their next level team. 

06:40 Your Time is Valuable

Many entrepreneurs struggle by trying to do it all, when in reality, there are probably things that you aren’t good at. You can pay someone else to do it because your time is valuable. It’s important to spend your time on things that you enjoy and the things you’re good at so that you don’t burn out. 

11:44 Getting Started

Kurt and I discuss where to start when you’re building your team. He recommends starting with friends of friends, and be cautious of working with YOUR friends. It’s possible that you will outgrow them as your business grows and you don’t want to lose your friends if that happens.

15:45 Attracting Great People for the Long Haul

When you have someone great on your team and you want them to be with you for the long haul, Kurt recommends having a purpose bigger than you and continuing to attract them as employees. I also chime in and share some lessons I’ve learned to get smarter about my process of bringing new people onto my team. 

18:20 The 4-Day Work Week

Kurt’s belief is the work week structure has already changed, and we won’t go back to “normal”. But as an entrepreneur, and a CEO it’s your choice about what normal is. He also believes that it’s important to know yourself and what you expect out of your team when creating that structure. 

23:47 “Who’s Your Mike?”

Kurt talks about his book which is structured with each chapter as a different archetype. He believes that entrepreneurs learn from their own experience, but they also learn from others and this book provides a way to help them learn from other people’s experiences. His book focuses on what to do when you’ve outgrown people as an entrepreneur. 

27:06 Kurt’s Nuggets of Wisdom

I ask Kurt to share any of his habits or philosophies that have helped him as a successful entrepreneur. His first advice is to play to your strengths. He also blocks time in his schedule to do work, and designates time for email twice a day so that it does’t suck his time. 

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