Stop Relying on Motivation

In this episode, I talk about the magic that happens when you get clear on your purpose and vision and stop relying on motivation to push you forward. I share a story about a friend of mine, who I also work with, who’s living out her dream of spending a month in Hawaii with her family. We use her example to talk about getting clarity around your purpose and vision, and aligning these two to make your big goals and aspirations a reality.

Show Notes: 

At the time of this episode release, I could be holding my new little guy! Go over to my Instagram for baby boy photos or “I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore” reels if he’s not here yet!


A lot of the things I come across while talking to women and fellow entrepreneurs is the struggle of staying motivated.  If you haven’t already seen through my Instagram stories, one of my coaches is currently living for a month in Hawaii with her husband and her four kids – because they can!

We’re in a very unique time that her kids can also do virtual school, so she decided to leave Utah for Hawaii to spend time as a family for the month. This inspires me SO much because you can see somebody have a dream, set a goal, and see it come to life!


When you get your best friends on board and they start to see their vision come to life, it’s so cool to see. I had one of my friends call me and simply said “I want what Melissa has!” Game on!

When you can pair up your purpose and vision, that’s when goals happen. You no longer need external motivation. You will be internally driven by what you are meant to be doing, what you feel called to do, and what gives you a bigger purpose. Then, when you pair it with clarity around the vision of what you want for your future – you stop relying on motivation. 

Your feet hit the ground in the morning and you are ready to GO!


If you’re trying to build a business or start something new – I need you to get really clear on your purpose. Life will always get in the way of checking boxes and going through the motions. But life will NOT get in the way of something you’re called to do.


I talk about this all the time because vision is my favorite V word! It is so essential to continue showing up, evolving, and growing. You have to know, trust, and believe that the work you put in is going to be worth it and that you will continue to evolve and innovate. When you have clarity around your vision, you have reasons to continue pushing through the hard things.


If you’re struggling or in a funk, dig into your purpose and your vision. The external actions won’t align if your internal reasoning and drive isn’t’ there.

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Stop Relying on Motivation
Stop Relying on Motivation
Stop Relying on Motivation
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