Start Manifesting Your Big Dreams with Efia Sulter

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In this episode, I have Efia Sulter, a conscious creator, mindset and manifestation coach, and podcast host. Efia and I discuss some really important topics like the power of manifestation, being true to yourself, and setting affirmations that will help lift you higher every day. It’s time to start manifesting your big dreams and this episode will help lay the foundation, so let’s dive in! 

Show Notes: 

04:27 Efia’s Path  

Efia opens up about overcoming points of self-doubt and learning about the power of manifestation. She gained a lot of helpful information about personal growth and mindset from mentors in her life which led her to decide she wanted to help others in this area. 

07:33 Intuition   

Everything we are taught to do goes against trusting our inner voice, so it can be challenging to listen to it. The thing is, we have to learn to pay attention to what that inner voice is trying to tell us so we can be on the path we actually want to be on. It can be scary to trust that inner voice at first, but with practice it becomes part of how we live our day to day lives. 

11:36 Manifestation  

Manifestation is the process of making something real by taking action towards our hopes and dreams. You have to take risks in order to see progress. There’s not a clear line of believing in ourselves vs not, it’s a spectrum where we have the ability to raise that bar higher and higher. We have to work on our mindset every day to go from surviving to thriving.    

17:54 Self-Reflection      

It’s good to stop and review the relationship you have with yourself and the ways you are speaking to yourself. Your relationship with yourself can always be better, and you have the power to make positive changes in self-communication. There are tools to help you, you just need to be willing to dive into deeper self-awareness. 

20:22 Setting Intentions 

It’s important for people to take pause from their busy lives and have times of self-reflection for manifestation. It can be easy to slip into manifesting things that you think you should be doing based on the world and influences around you versus manifesting what you actually want. Intentions should be set on what feels best for you.     

30:35 Affirmations

Worthiness and deservingness is not linked to achievements. Every person is worthy and deserving, and achievements are just bonuses. It comes back to how we look at ourselves and speak to ourselves. We need to set affirmations to lift ourselves up to remind ourselves of what we already are.   

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