Social Selling Without Feeling Spammy with Kayla Ybanez

In this episode, I get the opportunity to chat with business strategist, Kayla Ybanez. Kayla started building her business in 2019 while her daughter was in the hospital fighting for her life. She found her purpose while she was in the midst of a life altering situation. So powerful! Her daughter has since made a full recovery and Kayla has generated over a million dollars in her business. Today, Kayla shares insights to help those selling on social show up with confidence, authority, and the tools needed to sell like crazy.

Show Notes: 

2:30 FROM $0 TO $1,000,000 

Kayla was always a great product seller, but the hardest part was bringing in a team. When she felt uninspired in her network marketing business, Kayla went back to her corporate job working incredibly hard for only ten dollars per hour. The rug was pulled from under her when her daughter became incredibly sick in 2018.

However when her daughter got sick in the hospital and they waited for a transplant match for a year and a half, Kayla became inspired to go back into network marketing and sharing her business. People started asking for help on Instagram – and they were willing to pay. She naturally began helping the people that were struggling like she was not long ago.


Kayla didn’t feel bad to be paid for her services when a need was met. This can be a weird block for so many women, but it doesn’t have to be that way. She didn’t know what the future of her daughter’s health could look like, and she wanted something that would allow her to be with her daughter while also providing for the family.


The biggest thing is relatability! Think about how you can tie your content into things going on with people. For Kayla, even though most people weren’t going through what they were, she was able to tie things into lessons about kids, careers, and difficult situations. Build a relationship with YOU as a PERSON.


People can always recall a selling experience that felt gross. However, we never think about the moments that we actually liked being sold to. Consumers want to be sold to in certain parameters. Our customers want to feel good after buying our products, so how do you create a great experience? 

Create conversations where people feel comfortable sharing problems, and then you can insert your certain solution. If you are trying to sell without knowing what someone’s problem is, you have no ammunition to close the sale.


What many people do is use language such as “your life is going to be better”, “mind, body, soul”. This is easily justified away.  But, you should call out where the bleeding is. Call out the symptoms! Spark emotion in your audience’s heart and make them feel something.


Yes, it feels good to make a sale. But finding joy in the day-to-day interactions and process will grow your business tremendously. Your intentions have to be genuine in serving others, not just building your business. People will smell the alternative, and they will run the opposite direction if your positive intentions aren’t there.

Kayla spends most of her time on Instagram @KaylaYbanez. She also has a Free Facebook Group available here with free training and helpful resources.

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