Life on the Other Side of ‘Should Be’ with Shelley Paxton

Shelley Paxton

We have an incredible guest with us today, Shelley Paxton! She is the former CMO of Harley Davidson and found herself at the top of the mountain with empty success, leading her on a journey to finding her best life. In this episode, Shelley and I discuss her career journey, managing your energy, the importance of soulbbaticals, and much more!

Show Notes: 

1:50 Getting to the Top of the Mountain

Shelley calls herself Chief Soul Office of her life and business. This was born out of 26 years in the corporate world, getting to the top of the mountain, yet feeling success-empty inside.  She left Harley Davison 5 years ago because she was having a crisis of the soul, living through the dreams of others and not her own.

5:20 Breaking Away From The Shackles

In the beginning, most people pretend that something isn’t happening – Shelley did this too! It took her a year because she went through the same resistance. For her, she was pretending not to know that this was the truth bubbling up. At the time, she didn’t have anybody in her life to help make sense of the situation. That’s when she started meditating which gave her the ability to slow down.

14:53 Going On a Soulbbatical

The idea of going on a sabbatical just came to Shelley one morning! It wasn’t a vacation or another job, but it was a journey to become more connected with her soul. Every single day, Shelley reminds herself that a sabbatical is “a way of being in full alignment with one’s soul. It’s a conscious choice to live and lead with greater authenticity, courage, and purpose in order to experience true fulfillment.”

24:32 Radical Self Commitment

Shelley is a rebel because she left the corporate world, but also because she wants to be her most authentic self. The idea of radical self commitment is something that corporate culture desperately needs. It’s an umbrella term of your true values, mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and how we manage our energy.

40:18 Practices to Help Manage Energy

Shelley’s favorite practice is writing herself a permission slip or a series of permission slips reminding herself what she needs to do to show up as her most authentic self. 

Another practice Shelley does is approaching her life through a vision of energy management rather than time management. 

54:20 Getting Connected to Shelley

You can check out Shelley’s book here and follow her on Instagram here.

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