Everything You’ve Never Thought About When It Comes to Grief and Healing a Broken Heart with Sharon Brubaker

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In this episode, I interview Sharon Brubaker, a grief specialist who shares her knowledge on different types of grief and how to process loss. She talks about how grief can show itself in ways we wouldn’t usually think of and how every person handles it differently. Grief comes in all forms, including when we change and transform from the inside. This conversation sheds a light on how normal it is to grieve. While this topic may not resonate for you now, the truth is, we will all experience loss at some point in our life and I believe it’s so important to have an open conversation about how to process loss in a healthy way. 

Show Notes: 

02:57 History   

Sharon shares how she came to be a grief specialist and the heartache that led her to help other people cope with loss. She talks about how she knew there was a way to figure out how to process loss and wanted to help others who were struggling in their own situations.   

05:38 Defining Grief   

Grief is a normal and natural process that helps us through hard situations. There are 45 or more known losses that a person can experience over a lifetime. People will experience many forms of grief and loss without even realizing it’s happening. Sharon goes over several different kinds of loss and how it affects people. 

10:08 Patterns

Any time a familiar pattern changes, it can cause grief. There are no defined steps of grief. Grief is unique and individual to each person. Don’t try to compare your grief to someone else’s. Many times people experiencing grief either try to resist or avoid it, stuffing it deeper inside. It’s important to become aware of these patterns! 

13:54 Relationships   

People experiencing grief need to talk, as well as be listened to and heard with respect. The biggest thing is completing the relationship with the person or thing that is causing grief. This is basically a review of all the things the person grieving needs to get out, and finding a way to express that. 

16:54 Entrepreneurs   

Sharon talks about all the ways entrepreneurs experience grief. There are a lot of changes that happen that can initiate a grieving process. Good things can cause grief simply from the changes that happen in that process. People can also bring grief to the business if personal things haven’t been processed. 

20:40 Supporting Others Who Are Grieving   

The biggest thing when talking with someone who is grieving is to not try to fix them, they are not broken. If you try to fix someone, you are only breaking the connection of the healing process. The best thing to do is listen and understand that you don’t know what they are going through. 

23:15 Healing 

Grief needs to be addressed because it is not going to go away on its own. If grief isn’t handled properly, people will use unhealthy tools to suppress it. People need to understand what is and isn’t in their control. They also need to be able to tell others what they can and can’t handle in the process of grieving. It takes time to heal. 

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