How to Overcome Judgement and Start Sharing Your Story on Social

In this episode, I talk about the deep fears we all have when sharing our life on social media. Do you ever want to share on social but feel overwhelmed by fear of judgement and critics that lurk on social media?  Today I am going to share with you how I have worked to overcome these fears myself and share on social with confidence and consistency along with some social media etiquette we can all be mindful of.

Show Notes: 


Lots of people are afraid of judgement on social media. We want to appeal to people we admire and our peers. What I’ve learned is that we are being judged regardless – in some capacity. There’s always going to be judgy people out there no matter what!

I learned very quickly that it was a lot harder to post and share when I was thinking about how each individual person would receive it instead of just staying true to who I am and knowing that’s enough!


Jasmine Star talks about the fact that we don’t want to be vanilla and try to appeal to everyone. We want to be whatever flavor we are and own it! This will cause us to naturally repel people that don’t vibe with what we’re putting out there and that’s OK! In fact, it’s a great thing!

The more clear we get on who we are, what we stand for and what we love, and the more we share that unapologetically, the less pressure we will feel to show up the ‘right way’. 


With everything going on right now, people are so quick to pass off their beliefs to everyone. Just because we have an opinion does not mean we need to share it all the time. 

If you are on someone’s page, that is THEIR SPACE. If they said something that you don’t agree with, keep scrolling or unfollow. This doesn’t mean you need to blast your opinion on their page or in their inbox. If somebody asks for your opinion – share your heart out! Simple example, every time I post something about my sons’ wrestling, I receive negative comments or messages. I’ve just come to expect it at this point but it’s still annoying. Just because you don’t agree with putting your own kids in wrestling or anything to do with parenting styles doesn’t mean you should share your negative opinions with me or anyone else.

Just be a nice human! If you don’t agree with something and you’re in their space, keep your judgement to yourself (unless they asked for your advice/opinion).


It is never about you that somebody is coming at you with rudeness or negativity. These people are coming from a space of hurt themselves and they are projecting that onto you.

Don’t let these people keep your mouth shut and stop you from sharing what’s on your heart. Put some armor on and show your authenticity! 

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