Rev’s Birth Story

This is my first podcast episode after giving birth to baby Rev! I am excited to share Rev’s birth story with you! For those of you following my Instagram stories, I have been quiet and fully embraced in the newborn experience. Eight years into building this business, I am grateful to be able to slow down and fully embrace moments in life. Shout out to my clients and coaches!

Show Notes: 


I know a lot of you asked on my instagram for the full detailed story. I thought for sure I was going into labor on March 9th! This was the first time I started having consistent contractions and not going into actual labor.

A little back story, with Jonnie, my first I was induced and I got an epidural. With Knox, the hospital didn’t even do epidurals.

I went into Knox’s birth wanting to go unmedicated. I was contracting really heavily, and when the nurse checked me, she told me I had not dilated at all after 2 hours of super intense contractions. I mentally shut down after hearing that and made the decision to take a dose of pain medication via an intrathecal. By the time the doctor came in to give me the shot, I could hardly sit up due to the pressure! Within a few moments, I was ready to give birth – I couldn’t believe it.


My third birthing experience was Brigg, and I did have him unmedicated by choice. It was the most empowering experience of my entire life!

One of the books that helped me get prepared for that was Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. The first part of the book was birth stories, and the second part is all about how to prepare and help you understand what’s happening within your body. This helped me so much!

My fourth birthing experience was Fynnlee. I was induced and also chose to have an epidural. Labor and delivery were great, but I ended up with a spinal headache from hell! I was offered a blood patch that could possibly help, but I wasn’t willing to let that same doctor do that. It ended up lingering for 6 or 7 WEEKS and it was awful!


After giving birth to Fynnlee, we thought that we were done having any more children. However, I kept feeling like our family wasn’t quite complete with constantly feeling like we were missing a child. After talking to JD, he spent some time praying about it and we decided to see what happens over the next couple of months if we gave it another shot and two months later we were pregnant with Rev! To anybody feeling that nudge, just go for it! It’s there for a reason.


When I found out that I was pregnant with Rev, I decided to go unmedicated after my experiences with Fynnlee and the spinal headache. Giving birth is a whole lotta mindset! I went into it 100% committed. Pain was not going to be the reason I would choose to get an epidural even though I knew what was coming. 

March 9th: I started contracting and I thought this was going to be the day! That night, they stopped. Whomp whomp. 

March 10th: I went into my weekly appointment and my midwife let me know that I was at a 3 and then threw me a curveball! She would be out of town for a few days, AND her midwife partner was out of commission due to a snowmobiling accident.

That is when I literally tried all of the things to speed the process along and naturally induce labor before she left town! I tried castor oil, raspberry leaf tea, walks, stairs, sex, and bouncing on the exercise ball, but none of them put me into real labor. On March 11th, I woke up with intense contractions again followed by an abrupt stop about 7 hours later. So annoying!

On Wednesday the 17th, my midwife stripped my membranes and we planned for an induction the next morning via breaking my water so we could get baby guy here! I started to contract off and on that afternoon. By 1am, they were consistent and intense, waking me up throughout the night. I was excited to know that my body was moving!

At 4:30am, I woke up and we headed to the hospital at 6:45am. At 9:06am, she broke my water and contractions picked up quickly. I found that standing and rocking was the best way to breathe through these. They got intense quickly! I sat in the birthing tub for two contractions and the pressure was building enough to head back to the room and get ready to push.

My midwife almost didn’t make it there in time cause it all happened so fast. I went from a 6 when I was in the bath to a 10 and ready to deliver in about 20 minutes. By 10:56, Rev was born and on my chest. I was so relieved when this was over! I was checked out of the hospital by Friday, just in time for my parents to be able to meet him before they had to head back to Virginia on Sunday morning. 


Thankfully, recovery has been going well! After you have a baby, you kind of feel like you got hit by a truck for a couple days. We’re 13 days postpartum as I am recording this, and I feel great. With the unmedicated birth, my body bounces back so much better. This is a reminder to give yourself so much grace after giving birth and be sure you’re taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Don’t be too prideful to ask for help! I promise there are people who want to be there for you. I’m excited to start this 5th postpartum journey and will be digging into my nutrition game plan on next week’s episode! 

If you struggle with nutrition and want to dial things in with me, I’m doing a special focus on nutrition and mindset in my Virtual Gym this month and a more intimate 3 week focus on nutrition via a FB message thread. Get the info here and jump in with me! 

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