Reframing Anxiety: Having It Vs. Doing It

More and more I have been hearing from people who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, and so many of the emotions and feelings that are far from joyful or pleasant.

I fully understand and know that there are people who struggle with this on a massive level and need medication and/or therapy – please do what is necessary and right for you. My advice does not take the place of seeking professional help.

In this episode, I want to speak to the fact that so many people live in a constant state of overwhelm, anxiety and depression as their normal and there are absolutely things that we can be mindful of to help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress we create for ourselves. Most times we don’t realize we are even doing these things and it can be as simple as reframing what anxiety is. So let’s dive in!

This episode marks the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the podcast! Thank you for being a loyal listener!!!

Show Notes: 

3:00 Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

I am about 7 weeks postpartum with baby Rev, and I have had moments of struggle (like most new moms do). I noticed that I would have days that were harder than others, and generally it was the days that I had to leave the house. I was creating anxious feelings before I even had to leave because of the thoughts I was letting run the show..

As I’ve gotten through this, I want to share how we make big mountains of a situation when we don’t have to.

My mindset coach, Brad Bizjack says “We don’t have anxiety, we DO anxiety.” 

When we tell ourselves we have anxiety, that is literally an identity we put on the top of our head. If you shift it to “I’m doing anxiety”, instead of “I have anxiety”, you can shift those emotions and remove the heaviness around it being a part of who you are as a being. 


When you’re in a state of anxiety or depression – go to your thoughts first. Are you assuming the best case scenario or the worst? 

Ask yourself: What if it’s NOT the worst case scenario? What if you shift the narrative?

When I shifted the narrative to a more positive outcome, I realized that the anxious feelings were becoming less and less. 

Sometimes the worst case scenario does happen, it did for me with Rev and preschool pick up and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had made it out to be in my thoughts. 


Everytime I had to think about public speaking, I wanted to throw up (completely nauseous). My face would turn bright red and I would get blotchy all over my body. But now, I don’t feel nearly as anxious because I’ve continued to accept speaking opportunities to grow through the fear and shifted my thoughts about speaking altogether. 

I learned from Mel Robbins that anxiety and fear are similar to the feeling of excitement. Shifting your jitters to excitement will take control of what is going inside your brain. 

We have the power to form anxiety, but we also have the power to be excited and empowered instead.


It all starts with your thoughts, shifting your narrative, and assuming the best (and not the worst!)

reframing anxiety
reframing anxiety
reframing anxiety
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