Pursuing a Life You Love Alongside Motherhood w/ National Champion Pole Sport Athlete Bryanna Fernelius

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On this week’s episode, I have a guest that’s going to get you fired up and ignite the inner spark within you! Bryanna Fernelius is a shining example of embracing your passions and going after your dreams to live your best possible life. Bryanna is a National Champion Pole Sport Athlete, wife, mom, and entrepreneur who works with women on how to best start pursuing a life they love after becoming a mom. Like me, Bryanna loves being a mom, but found herself seeking something more outside of motherhood. So if you are a mom building a business or wanting to build a business and support your family financially, this episode is for you! 

Show Notes: 

02:30 Finding Your Flow             

Bryanna wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her workouts at the gym and found a passion in pole fitness after exploring her options. She has expanded in this area, even opening her own fitness studio and competing in the world championships. She talks about managing all the things in her life from entrepreneurship, mom life, fitness, and everything in between and how it’s all about giving yourself grace with your time. You need to be flexible and let things flow as they will, so long as you stay the course of where you want to be.  

13:44 Pursuing a Life you Love          

Bryanna loves being a mom, but she knew she wanted something she could build and call her own outside of the home. This is when she decided to build her studio and start working toward her goals of getting more involved with pole fitness. Working toward your own set of goals is not only fulfilling, but makes you a more rounded individual both inside and outside your family dynamic. It’s also something that your children are going to see and take note of.  

18:28 It’s Your Journey    

In Bryanna’s studio, she helps women focus on fostering a positive mindset in their commitment to the process of becoming a better version of themselves every day. The whole mantra of her business is that all women are beautiful as they are, but if they want to work toward certain goals, the studio is a safe space where they can enjoy the journey and feel the positive impact of their hard work while staying aligned with their values. 

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