Our Beliefs Impact Our Entire Lives – How to Identify Them & Finally Break Free with Shelly Lefkoe

Our Beliefs Impact Our Lives with Shelly Lefkoe

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On this episode, I have Shelly Lefkoe, a “belief eliminator” coach who has a tremendous wealth of knowledge when it comes to our beliefs and behaviors, and how they drive the way we respond to all kinds of situations in our lives. There are so many people out there who are held back based on beliefs we attach to situations. Our beliefs impact our lives. Shelly shares some really thought provoking ways to shatter those misleading beliefs to change our perspective, which in turn will change the way we approach different life situations. 

Show Notes: 

06:38 Identifying Patterns         

Patterns are observable where beliefs are not. Patterns are repeatable things that you do or don’t do that you want to stop. Beliefs are things we pair with the patterns. To cut these beliefs, the first thing to do is to identify the pattern and what you want to change, and then ask what you might believe about the pattern. This is when you can start shifting those beliefs.  

12:14 Our Beliefs Impact Our Lives     

Beliefs tend to get in the way of doing the things that we want to do or how we feel. When you get rid of those beliefs, you empower yourself. Many people try to cope with things that are causing them problems, but if you master the thoughts that are holding you back you won’t have to cope. People form beliefs around what they experience, and patterns are formed from those beliefs. When you get rid of those beliefs, the patterns go away. 

31:32 Flip Your Mindset 

Once you think you’ve seen something, it’s hard to not believe it, and it’s hard to change your mindset, even with evidence. You put thoughts and ideas around your beliefs. Beliefs only have power because of what you are giving them. Shattering those beliefs are going to help flip your mindset. Remember, the actions you take based on your beliefs are going to matter more to people in the end. Don’t let beliefs stop you from being your best self.    

45:17 Meaning We Give Events 

The meaning behind your thoughts and how you view things comes strictly from your own mind. Ask yourself what meaning you’re giving the events in your life. All of our emotions come from the meaning we give events. That meaning is coming from your beliefs. So when you get rid of your beliefs, you get rid of the meaning, which will change how you feel about things. 

51:58 How to Dissolve Meaning 

If you are ever upset about something that’s happening or has happened, stop and ask yourself what meaning you are giving the event. Try coming up with one other interpretation so that you aren’t always falling on the one that comes to you first. This will help you skip all these unnecessary steps of trying to deal with it by striking down the inherent belief.  

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