Normalizing Your Ambitions: A Must Listen for All Entrepreneurs with Shaa Wasmund

Normalizing Your Ambitions

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This one is for all my go-getters and wanna-be go-getters! Sometimes we think it’s selfish to go after our dreams and build a life we love. But this episode is about normalizing your ambitions and reminding you that what tugs on your heart matters! In this episode, I have Shaa Wasmund, a seasoned entrepreneur with a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to running your own business and leading the charge of the life you want to live. Did I mention she has been awarded honors from the Queen of England?! That’s right, this is one you won’t want to miss. If you are looking for some really amazing advice on where to start your journey, how to build your business, and the best tips for navigating entrepreneurship, motherhood, and being a total rockstar in life — you need to tune in! 

Show Notes: 

00:24 Life Lessons           

Shaa kicks things off by speaking about her very trauma heavy childhood, which led her to move around and opened her up to being more of a socially focused individual. Over the years, she has learned that the best thing we can do is to only have healthy competition with ourselves, and, when it comes to everyone else, focus on being supportive. When it comes to entrepreneurship, she wants people to understand that nothing about it is straightforward, you’re going to go through a lot of twists and turns along the way.                     

06:42 Look Inward         

Stay self aware in your journey, every step is going to bring about new triumphs and challenges. Make sure to look at what is holding you back and what your limiting beliefs are. Don’t devalue yourself either, make sure what you’re doing is serving you and your business instead of simply trying to please everyone else. If you want to bring your ideas to life, you need to put in the work and believe in what you’re capable of. It’s time to start normalizing your ambitions!! Where is your energy and focus going? You need to start there.   

15:15 Normalizing Your Ambitions

Many people get stuck in the “it’s good enough” stage of life. You may have ideas, hopes, and dreams, but things are comfortable enough that you don’t actually take the necessary steps toward making the changes you want to make. You know if what you’re doing isn’t enough. If it’s not, you need to move yourself out of “fine” to get to “great”. What tugs on your heart matters. It’s okay to start normalizing your ambitions and dreams for your life!  It’s not going to be easy, but if you’re intentional with what you’re doing with your time, you’ll get to where you want to be.  

21:08 Lessons for Your Children  

Your kids are going to see the work that you put in and the results of your efforts. You are going to set an example of what it means to go after your goals. Two things to be careful about with this is making sure they learn from your lessons, that this doesn’t just come easy for everyone, and that they don’t start putting a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves to live up to what you have done. It’s about helping them and having conversations about moving forward with grace at the speed they are comfortable with. 

28:32 Dip vs Dead End   

Understand if you are in a dip or dead end. It’s about having a level of self awareness to be honest with yourself on where you are. It doesn’t mean you have to quit if you’re in a dead end, but you should rework your plan so that it will better serve you and your business. Sometimes it isn’t a dead end, it’s a dip that you need to work through to move you forward, it’s just figuring out the difference between the two. 

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