Navigating Life as a Mom + Entrepreneur – the Real and the Raw with Marissa Rehder

Navigating Life as a Mom + Entrepreneur - the Real and the Raw with Marissa Rehder

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This week, I’m sharing a real and raw conversation with Marissa Rehder about how to navigate life as a mom and entrepreneur. Once a teacher, Marissa knows a thing or two about balancing work and home life. When she decided to follow her heart tug and become a life coach, she had no choice but to up-level and dig deep into what it takes to start and grow a business while also being a mom. In this episode, Marissa and I talk about one of my favorite topics….navigating life as a mom and entrepreneur, along with flex scheduling, prioritizing self-care and the different seasons of building a business. I love conversations like this because we don’t sugar coat it, but we also prove that doing both successfully is POSSIBLE for all of us! This is a conversation you don’t wanna miss, so let’s dive in! 

Show Notes: 

06:30 The Power of Flex Scheduling       

Marissa kicks things off by answering the big question: how did she start a business while working full time as a mom? She talks about planning, batching, and scheduling in between all of the things within her day. She focuses on prioritizing the things that need to come first and doing them in chunks in order to get things done. It’s all about scheduling, but in a way that bends around other priorities.                       

12:22 Self-Care for a Better You       

When Marissa was in the thick of things, she struggled with “mom guilt”, which made her focus on how to manage burnout and not trying to do everything at once.  One of the big pieces of this involves self-care to better herself in all areas of life. She talks about having things for yourself, including your business, so that you can spend the other part of your time being the best version of yourself for your family. 

27:48 Seasons in Building a Business        

When it comes to building a business, you’re going to go through seasons. One of these seasons is all about hussle. You have to be willing to sacrifice some things for a while in order to get ahead. Putting in the work is part of the process. You also have to continue to ask yourself if what you’re giving up is worth what you’re trying to achieve and adjust if you need to.  

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