Building a Life Using Social Media Without Social Media Becoming Your Life with Natalie Barbu

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In this episode, my guest is influencer turned entrepreneur, Natalie Barbu. Natalie started out her social media career on Youtube in 2011, and has since grown her following to over 360,000. She is the host of the Real Reel podcast and CEO and Founder of Rella, a management tool for influencers to run their business. We discuss the limitless opportunities that social media has to offer and how to overcome fear when growing online.  

Show Notes: 

02:20 Natalie’s Background

Natalie has been a content creator for 11 years. She talks about the evolution of social media in that time. She loves using these platforms as a creative outlet and especially to cultivate community. Natalie explains being interactive, and treating social media as a two-way relationship. 

08:05 Creating Boundaries

I think that people often worry about having to be accessible all of the time when building a business online. Natalie talks about how she implements boundaries around her privacy and the people in her life. We discuss Natalie’s opinions on the evolving trends of social media. 

15:49 Building Online

I ask Natalie about her biggest roadblocks as she’s grown online. She talks about transitioning to thinking about social media as a business. There is a shift from social media being a waste of time, to an incredibly lucrative tool to use with a purpose. 

18:50 Let’s Talk About Strategy

Natalie shares how to utilize different features in your social media strategy on each platform. Having a content planner has been very helpful for her. She talks about the importance of enjoying what you post and also providing value to your audience.

22:03 Getting People to Talk Back

It can be hard to get the engagement you want. Natalie shares her tips for getting audience members to ask questions, engage and be attracted to you on social. It can be as simple as just asking your audience what they want to see, and also creating content based on struggles that you went through.

27:40 Impostor Syndrome

A lot of people struggle with impostor syndrome while they’re growing. Natalie shares how she’s shifted her perspective when dealing with this. It’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s about connecting with the people that are in your audience. We have to disconnect equating numbers to worthiness. 

32:22 Struggling with Fear

Putting yourself out there on social media may seem scary, but it is the lowest risk, lowest cost thing to do with the biggest potential reward. Everyone starts at zero. If people are judging you, you don’t want them in your circle anyway. The block button is your friend when creating your corner of the internet. 

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