Nailing Your Brand Voice & Creating Copy that Your Ideal Prospects Actually Hear with Lucy Bedewi

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This week is FULL of great nuggets for all you entrepreneurs, so Do. Not. Miss. Out. I have guest Lucy Bedewi and we dig into everything to do with nailing your brand voice through the power of copywriting. Lucy kick started her very own business as a copywriting professional at just 21 years old and leveled up to 6 figures in just the first year of taking clients! Branding is incredibly important, and knowing how to speak to an audience is worth your weight in gold. Lucy shares her wisdom about the importance of authenticity, how to produce quality material, and finding your people through the words you put out to the world. It’s a piece you CANNOT skip in your journey as an entrepreneur, so dig in with us!   

Show Notes: 

04:50 Strategies for Success            

Lucy works with other companies and brands on copywriting needs to spruce things up and bring life to their businesses through their unique voice. She comes up with plans to strategize what they need, who their audience is, and how to capture the essence of their business in different kinds of copy. Her service isn’t just a list of things they might need, but a more in-depth look of what they want their results to be.    

08:25 What Your Audience REALLY Needs            

In your business, if you are trying to figure out how to connect with your audience, you have to get out and talk to people, specifically the people that you want to serve. It’s common for people to oversell in their copy, so you need to really nail down what they actually need versus what you think they need. Also, as much as you want to attract clients, don’t be afraid to have people shy away from your services if what you offer isn’t what they’re looking for. It’s okay to be hyper specific in what you present in your copy to attract the right people. 

11:56 Nailing Your Brand  Voice

Your brand voice has to be central to everything you do when it comes to copy. You have to keep things uniformed across different platforms to tie your brand identity together. Don’t be afraid to go authentically bold, step out of your comfort zone to cut through the noise of everything else in the online space. If you’re not a little nervous to show up as your authentic self, then you’re not really being true to who you are. Try to speak to individuals versus trying to speak to a wider audience. 

18:52 Make it Interesting  

If you want to stand out and get the engagement you’re looking for, you can’t put out vanilla material. You have to dig into the goods of what people actually want to hear and learn more about. If you’re writing something out and are bored by it, your audience probably will be as well. Find unique ways to stand out while still maintaining your brand voice. Dig into the goods of a topic to keep things interesting. As the writer, put yourself in situations that make you feel something to find your inspiration. 

22:28 Let People See the Real You  

Your passion will shine through if you let it. If you show your enthusiasm for something and are real about it, your audience will pick up on it. Be honest, raw, and open. People don’t relate to scripted and stiff, they relate to true human emotions. You’ll find your people when you are authentically you. Focus on your brand and what you’re trying to do. Trust in your business and what you have to offer, and sales will follow.  

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