Monetizing Your Social Media with Jordan English

monetizing social media

Today, we have Jordan English as our guest! Jordan is the host of the Empire Builder podcast, Digital course creator, real estate agent, and has been a part of so many entrepreneurial ventures (including network marketing!) In this episode, Jordan and I talk about taking her life to the next level, monetizing her social media, and avoiding self sabotage at all costs.

Show Notes: 

2:06 From Toxic to Thriving

Jordan’s life started with two toxic relationships. She ended her first one but her second one, she married. She had her baby by 19, and realized she could not be with her husband. She thought her life was over! After having her daughter, she knew that she was going to do anything necessary to provide for her. This drove her to go back to college, get an accounting degree, and meet her now husband! 

When she was 30 weeks pregnant with her now husband, she needed a job. With the limited job market available to her, she took a leap of faith to join her boyfriend’s real estate company. They tripled their real estate business in 3 years. They went from selling 15 to 70 homes a year. This launched her to do what she was able to do for years after. 

7:20 The Budgeting Queen

There are people out there who budget, cut back, and save money where they can. However, there’s a whole new world where you simply focus on making more money to do more with your life. 

10:00 From Real Estate to monetizing Social Media

In 2018, Jordan felt in her heart that she was meant for more. She knew she needed to help other women! She was obsessed with podcasts and decided to start her own. Over time, her podcast was losing money and she knew she needed to monetize. That’s when she created her first course sharing how to be healthy, build a business, have a great marriage, and more. That shifted into a real estate business for moms.

After spending time in network marketing, she realized that what makes her happy is teaching. So she finally found her passion through teaching women how to monetize their social media. 

21:06 Self-Sabotage

The thermostat analogy is when you set your house to a certain temperature. If it gets hotter than the temp you set it to, the A/C will come on to cool the home down. If it gets too cold, the heat will kick on to bring it back to the set temp. It is the same with a salary! If you make over your salary, you will cool off to get back down to the salary you set. 

This is an example of self-sabotage

We naturally do just enough to reach something, and you have to reach new levels in your personal growth journey to avoid the pitfall of continuing to grow rather than sinking back to your ‘normal’.

34:00 Identity vs. Results

If you can shift from the mindset of results to identity, you can accomplish all the goals you want! This works whether you have a physical goal or a mental goal. In a health journey, you can change your mindset from “I need to lose weight”, to “I am a healthy person.”

It is all about what you say to yourself, being aware, and learning how to shift the mindset. Click here to check out Atomic Habits on Amazon.

36:20 Jordan’s First Retreat in Florida

Jordan’s first retreat is going to be in Rosemary Beach, Florida. It is going to be four days with all organic food, content creations workshops, and four workshops during the weekend with plenty of free time! 

Check her instagram @jordanenglishofficial for more information on the retreat.

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