Pep Talk: Your Pace Shifts with Seasons with Micah Folsom

Your Pace Shifts with Seasons

Today I am talking about identifying your season and your pace of life, and aligning your goals and priorities accordingly. If a few people are struggling with this, then I’m sure more people are too. Please apply this however you see fit in your life whether it’s business, motherhood or personal goals. I hope this is helpful to you!

Show Notes: 

01:47 What Season Are You In?

First I am going to talk to the business owners. What season are you in when it comes to the growth of your business? If you’re going through a season where a lot is happening and you’re struggling to find the time and energy, you may become resentful of your business because of the pressure you’ve placed on yourself so let’s evaluate.

03:34 Identify Your Season

I want you to get good at identifying what season you’re in, whether that’s flow or growth or hustle. It’s so much better to align your game plan to your season, than to keep it the same and struggle through. I encourage you to find your pace for that season. 

08:03 Move the Needle

Each day, allow yourself to think about what is most important to accomplish that day. Think about your priorities and let it flow accordingly with those needle moving activities. 

10:00 Cut Out The Fluff

When you are in a season of growth and momentum, cut out the fluff. To see big growth, you need to be dialed in to what is most important. Don’t think that you need to work more, or experience burnout. You need to align your actions with your goals so the most important things are getting done on a bigger scale.

12:22 Long- Term Perspective

Having a long-term perspective and an idea of the bigger picture will allow you to recognize that seasons will come and go. You can grow through every season, no matter what pace you’re at, as long as you’re moving. When you do this with intention, it changes the game in your fulfillment. Do the things that matter most with purpose, in all areas of your life. 

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