One Thing Killing Your Goals and Your Joy with Micah Folsom

One Thing Killing Your Goals and Your Joy

We have a solo episode peptalk for you today! The inspiration just came to me in the shower so I am sharing it with you while it’s fresh on my brain. This episode is all about finding sustainability in your business, and not letting those all or nothing pendulum swings kill all the momentum you’ve created so far! Give this a listen because it’s all said with love in order to help you get back on track!

Show Notes: 

01:07 Shower Thoughts

If you’re like me, all of the thoughts and all of the clarity comes when I’m in the shower. I got the inspiration and decided to just go record so that I can share this message with you. 

01:45 Self-Assessment

We are wearing off of the new year excitement and feeling of a clean slate. We’ve gotten to the place where those old patterns might be coming back. I invite you to do some self evaluation to see how you’re doing with your habits and routines. Did you start out strong and now you can’t sustain it? Or are you finding a new rhythm and creating a new norm? These patterns carry through to other areas of our lives.   

04:45 Don’t Kill Your Momentum

We often make things harder than they have to be. These pendulum swings of going all in, and then all out when it comes to your goals and your business, are going to make it so much harder for you to achieve success. If you can manage those swings, you can use the momentum from those surges of energy to sustain during the times you need to slow down a bit.

9:42 Navigate Any Season of Life

Figure out where you’re at because the inconsistency of the all-in, all-out is not serving you. Your business should inspire you, not burn you out! You can figure out how to navigate any season of life and show up in a way that is aligned with your highest priorities. 

12:43 Identify the Most Essential Things

When you are starting a business, there are a bunch of new routines and things that you need to do. I get that. But I recommend identifying the most essential things and then making that part of your identity. It just becomes something that you do. I compare business to motherhood. You show up to feed your kids no matter what. It can be the same with business. There are essential non-negotiables that can carry you through even the busiest seasons when you’re intentional. 

15:40 Show Up for Your People

Whatever industry you’re in, identify those core things, those non-negotiables so that you can show up for your community. Otherwise they will be confused and feel like they can’t trust you to show up when they need you. 

18:10 Make it Sustainable

The key here is finding a pace that you can sustain. Manage your energy. Create habits and routines that are sustainable long-term. You can make success easy or you can make success hard. You can enjoy the process and it can actually feel easy. You’re not only building a business, you are building your life and they can blend beautifully together. 

20:03 Check-In, Realign and Give Yourself a Chance

So have a moment with yourself to check in with how you’re doing. And get back on track, and then stay the course. Find your pace and make it sustainable. Dial in your purpose. Once you get to that place, it will be hard to NOT show up and do what you need to do.  Remember, slow progress is still progress. But stopping kills all of the momentum that you have built up prior to this. Don’t give up on yourself before you give yourself a chance to be successful. 

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