Debunking Nutrition Myths & Setting Yourself Up for New Year Goals With Melissa McAllister

In this episode, I am joined by nutrition expert Melissa McAllister. Melissa is truly my nutrition goals and role model! We discuss common nutritional myths, intentional eating and small shifts that we can all make to feel our best in 2022. 

Show Notes: 

02:02 Melissa’s Story

I invite Melissa to share her story about how she got into all things nutrition. She grew up eating chips and soda, like many of us do, until she met someone who liked eating real food. She was intrigued by that, and after adopting some of those habits, she began to notice the benefits. She attended college at Arizona State University to study ​​dietetics. After becoming a mom, she continued her education, and later decided to go back to school to become an NTP and a functional nutrition counselor.  

05:35 Debunking Nutrition Myths

Melissa talks about the biggest myth being that we should eat 5-6 meals a day. She stresses that if that’s what works for you, great, but it’s actually better to allow time for your digestive system to rest between meals. Melissa is an advocate for intermittent fasting and she talks about how it’s not necessary to eat first thing in the morning or before a workout if you don’t want to. 

08:47 Emotional Eating

I share my biggest struggle that I have realized, I am an emotional eater. I connect food to what I am experiencing. Melissa shares what she’s learned about food and addiction. She talks about the difference between moderation and abstinence. It’s about finding what works for you, and saving your splurges for special occasions. Doing so will help you reach your goals. It’s not deprivation, it’s a choice. 

17:50 The Information on Social Media

People often talk about calories and weight loss on social media. It’s more about nutrition and making healthy choices. Being consistent with healthy choices will help with the cravings. You don’t have to go from one extreme to another, it’s about shifting habits. Those small changes and consistency will lead to results over time. She talks about bringing intention to moments when you are tempted with unhealthier choices and instant gratification. Melissa recommends noticing when you are triggered to partake in an unhealthy habit. Take a pause and then redirect with a different activity. 

25:25 Fluctuations

Melissa talks about having support through your fitness journey. She talks about how her husband supports her as her body changes depending on where she’s at with her workouts. Having that support system is so important. 

27:00 Shakeology

Melissa has been a coach for 13 years and shares the evolution of Shakeology and how she has implemented it into her diet over the years. Shakeology has many vitamins and nutrients included that are difficult to get in a normal diet. For example iodine, magnesium and protein are all very important for women to have in their diets. Melissa talks about being healthy on the inside and how it’s not all about how we look on the outside. 

31:36 Key Indicators 

I ask Melissa what tests she recommends that women get to assess their nutrition. She talks about inflammation levels, vitamins and even heavy metals within our systems. She shares a resource for how people can access these tests. You can’t fix it unless you know about it. 

40:03 The Ultimate Reset 

Melissa does The Ultimate Reset at least twice a year. She talks about her experience being in the test group. The longer she’s done it, the more she’s been able to get used to it and adapt it for her. There have been noticeable benefits for her while doing the 21 day reset.

43:26 Advice For Foundational Health Habits in 2022

Melissa says to drink your water. Start first thing in the morning and sip throughout the day. Sleep is incredibly important. She recommends taking a break from the electronics at least 30 minutes before sleep and getting your full 8 hours. When it comes to protein, it is essential for your health, but you don’t need to overdo it.  For fats, stay away from manmade oils and seed oils. Cut back sugar and be carb conscious. 

47:18 Connecting with Melissa

Here’s Melissa’s Website: melissamadeonline.com

Here’s Melissa’s Instagram: @melissamade

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