Living Life Aligned + Energetic Time Mapping with Melissa Giller

Melissa Giller

In this episode, I am talking with certified life and spiritual coach and business mentor, Melissa Giller. Her work is focused on self-reclamation, psychology, spirituality and personal development with tangible strategies based in life and business. Today we talk about balancing motherhood with finding your purpose and energetic time mapping to best utilize your flow of energy throughout the day. 

Show Notes: 

02:18 A Story that Makes Her Suitable to Serve

Melissa is a life coach and business mentor to female entrepreneurs, particularly women who are also mothers. At first, her coaching programs were based primarily around self-reclamation after a major transition. Now, she has shifted to a more entrepreneurial focus. Melissa talks about the journey that led her to her current path. 

09:37 Unlocking Her Purpose

Melissa shares how motherhood helped her unlock her purpose. It started as a conscious parenting journey, which expanded to a self-growth journey. We discuss how Melissa plans activities that bring her joy into her day.   

14:45 Balancing the Internal Tug of Motherhood

Women often feel guilty for giving energy to other things that they’re passionate about in addition to being a mother. For Melissa it’s important to work time for herself into her day, and she is able to create it with planning and boundaries. 

20:47 Energetic Time Mapping 

Energetic time mapping is an intuitive, honest process that requires us to turn inwards. Melissa talks about how she guides clients through thinking about their ideal day and analyzing their energy levels at different times of the day, and planning their activities accordingly. It’s about trusting your unique body and flow.  

27:27 Human Design

Melissa has found that human design ties in very nicely with the energetic time mapping format. It provides a great understanding for how you uniquely operate.

30:42 Resistance, Procrastination & Perfectionism

Fear is often at the root of resistance, procrastination & perfectionism and they can manifest in many different ways. Melissa often sees this in women by placing blame on their circumstances. She recommends breaking down your big goals and scheduling the tasks that support them in your high energy periods. Setting boundaries and time limits can also help with perfectionism. 

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