Your Money Stories Are Getting in the Way of Building Wealth and Financial Independence with Mel Abraham

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Our guest today is bestselling author, Mel Abraham. He defines himself as a CPA by education but an entrepreneur by exhilaration. In this episode, we discuss how to understand and shift the stories we have around wealth, how to build better habits and behaviors to create wealth, and the impact that wealth can create for your loved ones. 

Show Notes: 

02:00 Mel’s Story  

Mel had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. He went on to study accounting, but his true passion was helping people live their dream. In 2019, everything was going great for Mel, until he found out he had a tumor. He shut everything down and focused on healing. He was able to sustain his lifestyle, which made him think about the other people that were struggling financially during the pandemic. 

08:30 Money is a Tool for a Greater Purpose

I often see people with the limiting belief that they can’t make money from doing the work that they love. Mel talks about how money is a tool in which we can create value and be generous. We have to really look at the generational baggage and stories around money that are holding us back when it comes to building wealth. 

14:24 Separating Facts from Interpretation 

When we start to understand the guilt or the fear behind these generational stories around money, we can start to separate the facts from interpretation. I think when we give our money a greater purpose, WE get a greater purpose. Mel truly believes that we are driven by generosity.

22:36 Breaking Down Our Stories

Mel breaks down some stories that entrepreneurs and employees have around business, freedom, impact and cash flow. He talks about how the way that we’re brought up is still industrial age thinking. We need to create a generational shift in how we’re thinking about things. He dives deeper into his beliefs about freedom. 

28:55 Thinking About What Could Happen 

Things in life are going to happen. But many people are scared by planning for what could happen because they don’t want to face it. Until we are able to accept and take responsibility, we have no ability to respond. Mel talks about building habits and behaviors around building wealth. It doesn’t take alot to make a lot. 

35:05 Finances and Relationships 

Finances are a journey that can be done together with your spouse according to your vision you’ve co-created for your life. People often don’t know how to talk about money and it often drives people apart, but it can actually bring you closer together. It’s about the bigger picture for your life. Mel shares his advice for using to create moments and show love.

42:55 Legacy

We often talk about legacy as something that we leave behind when we die. But legacy is what we get to bring to the moment, in how we interact. Mel reminds us that it’s the moments that really matter. It’s important to open up the conversations about money with our spouses and with our children so that we can break generational cycles, and create a new norm. 

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