One Weekly Ritual to Maximize Your Time Management Skills

We all have the same amount of time each day, so why is it that some of us get more done than others?

Today, I will walk you through how I organize my yearly, monthly, and daily goals, step by step. I tell you why time blocking is one weekly ritual that has helped me maximize my time to grow my business, be with my family, and get intentional with my day to day activities.

Let’s find those hidden hours in your days!

Show Notes:


I get so many questions about my weekly planning methods! I find that when I do this, we actually have way more time than we think we do – and that’s a beautiful thing. How many of us feel like we’re just SO busy? It’s because we’re not being as intentional as we could be.

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Intentional planning helps you map out your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. With these, you know what you’re working towards and showing up for everyday. This makes it easier to take your bigger goals and break them down into smaller actions.

At the beginning of every single month, I take everything scheduled into my google calendar on my phone and put them onto a blank calendar for the month in my planner. This way I have a bigger view of any events, family stuff, kids’ schedules and appointments that we have to work around. 

On a weekly basis, I am mapping out from 4:45am in the morning until 9:00pm at night. Every single hour in this planner has a space. This is what time blocking is. This gives me the opportunity to determine how I am spending my time at any moment throughout the day and puts ME in charge of my day instead of letting the day get away from me. 

This will blow your mind to find the empty space in your week (and leave you feeling so much more fulfilled and empowered)!


When you start and structure your week with this planner, it has you write out your top three yearly, monthly, and weekly goals in addition to your top three most important events that week. On a daily basis, you write out 8 things that you want to accomplish during that given day and these would be the habits and non negotiable activities you wanna incorporate most days.

Maybe you struggle unplugging at night time and you want to fix that – it can go on your daily list as a top priority so you focus on that each day as one of your important ‘tasks’.


I usually stay off social media on Sundays! This is my day to reflect on the week, get rejuvenated, go to church with my family, and not a day where I want to feel like I have to stay plugged in or get things done for work.

Friday is my creativity & reflection day. I leave a lot more blank space on Fridays to do what I want for creativity, so obviously you can do your planning session on any day that works for you but shifting mine from Sunday to Friday to wrap up each week and plan for the next has been an awesome tweak!


When people build their business around their life, it never really becomes a priority cause there will always be something taking up space that needs to be spent on getting your business growing. This makes everything else take precedence over things like team calls, work events, and even just daily activities that you need to be doing in your business to gain traction. 

Make sure that building your business is locked and loaded in your game plan so that YOU can take control of your day and keep your key priorities at the forefront while still building your future and your dreams.

Planning your week and taking time to reflect from your previous week will change your discipline around actually sticking to your time blocked schedule. Implement this weekly habit and watch how much more productive you become!! 

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