Solo: Lessons from Losing Our Indie Pup & Navigating Painful Experiences with Micah Folsom

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In this episode, I share my family’s experience with losing our little puppy named Indie. Though it was heartbreaking, it brought up powerful conversations around pain, pleasure, and choosing our focus. I share these lessons I learned in hopes that it can be helpful to you next time you’re going through something painful. 

Show Notes: 

01:26 Getting the Call

I give some context as to what was going on at the time I got the call. My girls and I were on the way to have a girls weekend and I knew that my boys were out swimming at a pond. When I got the call from JD, immediately my heart sank. I thought something had happened to the boys. He shared the bad news that Indie had gotten hit by a car. 

04:21 Sharing on Social

The following days were rough and part of me wanted to not say anything and just move on. But instead of reliving the conversation every time I got asked about it, I decided it was better to share. I was caught off guard by how much this shook me. 

06:17 Releasing Expectations

Navigating this brought up a lot of awesome conversations around pain, pleasure and what we were focusing on. I realized a big part of my sadness was coming from the expectations I was placing on what should have been with Indie in our lives. 

11:50 Learning Conversations

It was incredible how healing it was to have these conversations. My daughter Johnny was blaming herself and felt like Indie’s death was her fault. This invited a learning conversation about acting on heart tugs and thinking about how everything in life happens for a reason.

15:27 Healing Emotions

Instead of just numbing the pain, allow yourself to feel the pain and the emotions so that you can truly heal. If you try to numb it and move on, it will resurface in other ways. None of us are protected from pain, but this experience helped me gain a new empathy and compassion for other people experiencing loss. 

19:37 Beautiful Lessons

These hard times are put in our path for a reason, so that we can help others with the things that they’re going through. Allow yourself to fully feel those feelings so that you can grow through it. Be willing to put yourself out there, and feel the pain so that you can feel the amazing things in life too. 

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