Living Life On Purpose w/ Purpose with Shannon Tripp

Living Life On Purpose w/ Purpose with Shannon Tripp

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This week, I have guest Shannon Tripp, a superstar mom of five and pediatric nurse who brought her two worlds together to help other moms master basic holistic and modern medicine skills. Her purpose is to prepare moms for medical emergency situations involving children in and outside the home. Together, we talk about passion, purpose, and sharing your own unique gifts with the world. Shannon is living life on purpose and I can’t wait to share this interview with you! 

Show Notes: 

02:36 Sharing Our Gifts       

Shannon always wanted to be a mom, and when she came across the opportunity to be a pediatric nurse, she jumped on the opportunity. After having her own babies, she knew she wanted to continue to help and inspire other moms to be the best versions of themselves and share her gifts of nursing with them. She genuinely believes that we are meant to share our gifts with the world.                      

06:55 Living Life on Purpose      

Shannon and her husband have always lived a life with purpose on purpose, planning details of their lives so that they can be able to do the things they feel they are meant to do while also being present with their family. Shannon was inspired to start a course that would share her nursing skills with other moms to help them with important things that they may not know when it comes to medical care for children.  

14:46 Empowering Moms       

Becoming a mother made Shannon realize that there is a huge love for our children, but many moms are not equipped with the proper tools and information to handle emergency situations. She wants to empower moms and make them feel confident in their ability to handle what comes their way. Scary situations happen more often than people realize, and she wants to make sure to provide parents with as much information as possible. 

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