Let the challenges refine you instead of defeat you

In this episode, I talk about a few things I wish I would have known when I was starting a new chapter in my life. 7 years ago, when I was shifting my habits with my health AND starting a new business, there are certain road blocks that no matter what – we’ll come face to face with. 

Show Notes:


Darren Hardy had a video that was SO eye opening to me. What happens is that if we expect to be smooth sailing, achieve easy success, lose weight quick, find no roadblocks, etc – how do you think we’ll feel when we come up against the reality of the situation? Every days has obstacles, choices, and things that can derail you. People will doubt you, and maybe even have some naysayers.

If we expect these – when they come to light, you’re going to be more comfortable with it and handle them more easily.

When I was a new coach, I had zero expectations and didn’t understand what it looked like. I can distinctly remember having moments when a hater said something bad about me, sent a rude message, or questioned my mentality that is what really hurt me.

Had I expected for these to happen, I would have been more armed for it. These are the moments that help you SHAPE who you are and push yourself to the next level.


Focus on the actions and behaviors instead of the outcome.

Have you ever started working out, stepped on the scale after a few weeks, and felt disapointed by the results? In that moment, if you tie your sense of worth to the results, you will throw your hands up and QUIT. On the other hand, you can tie your sense of worth to the process and to the actual actions focusing on what you’ve DONE and the feelings that go along with that (energy, sleep, and other positive outcomes).

It’s the same thing in your business! Rather than tying ALL of your success to a sale or achievement – focus on the actions you took that day and the process you took towards building your business.


On your health journey, you can eat the same way and same types of workouts one week and lose NO WEIGHT. However, the next week with the same process, hit your weight loss goals.

Understanding that your weight and health journey has ups and downs is important.  You are NOT the number on the scale – you’re more than that! The number on the scale can simply give you information to make better choices.

Similar to your business, you’ll have weeks of success (signing coaches, new clients, etc). However, you’ll also have weeks where coaches are dropping, lots of “nos”, and you’ll question your success and why it’s not working now.

This is NORMAL.

However, when things are “good” – don’t let yourself take the foot off the gas. What does taking your foot off the gas lead to? It leads to the next month being HARD because you stopped doing the things that brought you success.

Staying consistent will create long term GROWTH.

    Micah Folsom

    Hi, I’m Micah!

    Hi, I’m Micah! Wife to a cattle rancher and homeschool mom to our 6 kids on our small farm in Southeast Idaho.

    I’m a top network marketing leader in the health & wellness space, Host of the Do Your Crap Podcast, Creator of my program for network marketers called Ignite Your Life and most recently helping my husband, JD with our new business selling homegrown beef subscription boxes so more families can enjoy delicious meals together with the peace of mind knowing exactly where their meat was raised.

    I’m a huge believer that women can live multi-passionate lives and still honor their family values, letting our heart tugs pave the way for us to live out our fullest potential and be the light we’re meant to be.

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