Health is More than Food and Movement with Lauren Cunningham

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In this episode, my guest is Certified Holistic Health Coach and Recipe Developer, Lauren Cunningham. We dig into all things health and wellness. Lauren shares her health journey and how eating healthy is affordable and attainable for every human. 

Show Notes: 

02:26 Lauren’s Health Journey

Lauren shares her experience going through health problems as a young adult. She went through alot of pain, and many procedures while the doctors struggled to identify the problem. They finally diagnosed her with a very rare syndrome called SMA Syndrome, but were still at a loss for how to improve her condition.  

13:20 Developing Her Love for Health

This health journey led Lauren to become more curious about nutrition and go to holistic nutrition school. Lauren explains what Crohn’s Disease is. She talks about some of her biggest takeaways from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. One of the main principles the school was founded on was the mind-body connection, as well as the concept of primary food and secondary food.  

21:15 Practicing What She Preaches

Lauren quickly began implementing what she learned about nutrition in her life. She realized swaps that she could make like using coconut sugar, or maple syrup instead of white sugar. These swaps made a huge difference in how she felt. She is now so much more in tune with what feels good in her body. 

24:03 Tips for Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Lauren talks about the Blue Zones and how there is a commonality of less stress in those places. She also emphasizes bio individuality and how we each have to find what works best for us. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to starting with nutrition. She recommends starting small. We talk about some nutrition prep and planning tips.

34:20 So Many Healthy Options

There are so many healthy choices available to us now. Lauren shares some ways to be healthy with budget in mind, such as shopping local and being selective about grocery stores. There are often cleaner snack choices that allow you to have the things you love but in a healthier way. 

38:40 Sugar Addiction

When you stop eating sugar and processed food, healthier sweet foods taste so much sweeter. We truly are addicted to sugar, and that’s why it can be so difficult to cut it out. But we have to remember that we are in control of it, it’s just a matter of deciding to take control. 

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