Gut Health, Hormones & Nutrition with Holistic Nutritionist Lahana Vigliano

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In this episode, I am joined by Lahana Vigliano to talk all about her holistic approach to medicine, how hormones affect our life, why your gut health is so important, which supplements are actually necessary, and so much more. 

Show Notes: 

00:48 An Introduction to Lahana Vigliano

We have such a special guest today for all of our ladies out there! We’re digging into gut health, hormones, and all of the things that women need to be aware of. We are being joined by the CEO of Nuvitru Wellness, Lahana Vigliano.

01:57 A Holistic Approach to Medicine

Lahana always loved health and we pre-med for the longest time (she always knew she wanted to be a doctor). When she started to get into it, she realized that medicine is based on a pill for every illness and that wasn’t her jam. Then she had her first son at 18 and having kids so young pivoted her role to wanting to have a more flexible career in nutrition.

As crazy as it sounds, changing food and lifestyle is the last thing that people think of. We don’t turn to food first, we turn to pills first. This is a mistake!

06:27 Hormones And Their Effects On Life

Hormone imbalance affects every aspect of our lives. Hormones are actually a symptom of something more, so you want to keep peeling back the layer (gut health, stress, etc). Hormones are molecules that communicate what needs to be done. 

To be proactive, Lahana recommends hormone testing once per year no matter what issues you may or may not have. Lahana also recommends a DUTCH hormone test once per year. 

11:58 Gut Health is Critical

If your gut health isn’t working, everything else will fall apart. Your gut is like your second brain! 

15:53 Supplements & What Should You Actually Take

Lahana is a big fan of testing supplements and seeing what you actually need before guessing. The majority of people need a multivitamin to cover their bases.  Outside of that, you could be making things worse if you’re guessing! First, get a hormone test, then take supplements based on your needs.

19:33 Let’s Talk Food

There are foods that are not ideal for hormone imbalances. You have to assess if you’re in a healing season or not, and how strict you may or may not need to be.

A lot of people feel like they can’t have treats in a healing system – but you can! They just have to be made with the right ingredients that won’t be negative to you. 

30:13 What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is your immune system being activated and working. Inflammation is a good thing and happens when you work out, when you get a cut, etc. Inflammation becomes an issue when it becomes chronic. Most people think of inflammation as systems, but it’s when your immune system is active and working. It’s good short term but not good long term. 

35:24 Getting Connected to Lahana and Nuvitro Wellness

If you want to dig in more, Lahana loves Instagram and you can follow her here. You can also learn all about the services she offers here

So many people have a hard time investing in their health journey, but the truth is that you’re either paying for proactivity or fixing it after the fact.

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