What it Takes to Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Wanna Be with Kacia Fitzgerald

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Show Notes: 

03:05 Checking the Boxes

Kacia started out doing what many women do, checking the boxes, but she intuitively knew that she wasn’t on the right path. She took those signs as a gift telling her that she needed to get on a different path. She started to get into Beachbody, building a business while working her corporate job. There’s been many pivots along her journey, but she loves where it has led her. 

07:11 Heart Tugs

Kacia believes that those little heart tugs are placed in us for a reason, so it’s our job to go share that with the world. It’s personal to each of us, but having goals, and knowing what we’re working towards helps us enjoy the process. When there is fear that comes up when you think about your macro vision, Kacia likes to look at the micro focus for each day and also understand that the space between your big vision and where you are now will allow you to become who you need to be. 

17:15 Your Path is Your Path

It’s so easy to compare yourself to other people. But as you’re building your business, you’re also growing yourself. Kacia’s goal is to get people to think about their own goals and how they are building their own self-confidence each day. It’s so important to follow those heart tugs. Looking at your past is a great way to see what you’ve overcome. 

23:09 Building Belief in Yourself

Nothing happens overnight. Kacia talks about the power of neutral thinking and building belief in yourself. Instead of getting stuck in comparison, look at what it is about that person that you would like to see in yourself. Give yourself grace and think about it from a lens of personal growth and making progress in the right direction. 

28:37 From Employee to Entrepreneur

I ask Kacia about her transition from employee to entrepreneur. She invites you to ask yourself if you’re really feeling that passion behind your work, or if you’re just crossing things off the list. It’s all about what feels aligned for you. You know if your action is matching your goals.  

38:40 Operate from Your Season

It’s important to have big goals, but take baby steps to get there. If you want to build a business, you need to make it a priority in your life. We talk about pacing according to your season and also being consistent with your minimum baselines. The missing link is usually alignment. It’s an intuitive process. 

45:29 Getting on a New Track

I reference a quote I saw on Kacia’s Instagram. It talked about how sometimes we don’t need to get back on track, sometimes we need to get on an entirely new track. 

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