Reclaiming Your Life with Author Jessica Zimmerman

reclaiming your life

In this episode, I am joined by floral designer turned educator and author, Jessica Zimmerman, to talk about reclaiming your life. We talk about healing childhood trauma, how entrepreneurship creates transformation, the marriage journey, and so much more.

Show Notes: 

2:55 Overcoming a Childhood Trauma

I am so fascinated by Jessica’s story. When she was 3 years old, she was in a car accident with her sister and father, and her sister died. It wasn’t until much later in adult therapy that the day her sister died, she grew 10 years. That healed a big part of her and why she felt so different from those around her.

She went into business for herself so that she had emotional security, and always had something for herself. She wants to make the most out of her life.

8:00 Becoming the Sole Provider & CareTaker

Jessica purchased a wedding rental business, hated it, and turned it into a floral business. She achieved her goal, and was ready to move on. 

Her husband became ill and lost 50 lbs, going in and out of the hospital. This was the first time that she not only had to take care of her, but also had to take care of her family of 5. She didn’t know what she was capable of until her back was up against the wall. 

20:50 Sharing the Most Vulnerable Moments

Jessica is honest and vulnerable enough to share it ALL. She believes that the experience she had happened to her because she would be open enough to share her story, and her husband be open to allowing it to be shared. 

23:45 Airstream Adventures

Jessica is a big believer in a vision board. She put an Airstream on her board the past 5 years, and had no idea if or how it would happen (she was just open to the idea). When the pandemic happened, she looked at her husband and said “it’s now or never.” They sold everything they owned (including their home and cars), bought an Airstream and traveled for a year.

30:00 Living to Work to Working to Live

There was a time when Jessica had no boundaries in her business. Then there comes a time when that doesn’t work. Whether it’s emailing, or texting, or boundaries – you’re setting yourself up for stress if you don’t manage your time correctly.

41:50 Getting Connected!

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