Healing the Hustle with Jessica Butts

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In this episode, I talk with psychotherapist, 3x Author, Myers-Briggs expert, corporate trainer and keynote speaker, Jessica Butts. She recently sold everything she owned and moved to Maui to heal her hustle, and she is on a mission to help other women heal their hustle too. We discuss how to look within and listen to our intuition in a world full of external noise. 

Show Notes: 

03:25 Buying Into the Hustle Culture

Jessica did all of the things that she was “supposed” to do. She went to school, got married, and got the job. At 38 years old, she had her first midlife crisis and was questioning if that was what she was supposed to be doing. She went back to school and chose a new direction, starting her psychotherapy practice while she was going through her divorce. She bought into the coaching and the hustle culture during that time. She was on a train that she couldn’t stop. 

07:30 Running Away

Jessica was disgusted by the coaching industry and what it had become. So she sold everything, shut everything down and moved to Maui. While she is in paradise, it’s a lot. She is in a phase of transformation in healing her hustle. She is being vulnerable through her writing and on her podcast.

11:00 Hustle Culture Symptoms

Jessica shares some symptoms and signs to recognize if you are in the hustle culture. The first thing is to stop and ask yourself some questions about if the things you’re doing bring you joy. Ask yourself what you like to do versus what society tells you to do. Jessica believes the algorithms are messing with us. We live in a crazy time with all of the noise, we need to go within and listen to our intuition. 

18:40 We All Have a Hole In Our Bucket

Jessica explains an analogy about how we all have a hole in our bucket, which varies in size depending on our life experiences. We go outside of ourselves trying to fill it. This often looks like hustling, overeating, overdrinking ect. For Jessica’s friends, this looks like excessively buying beauty products. We discuss how parenting plays into this in our crazy world of social media and technology.

25:25 The Ultimate Test

Living in Maui on her own feels like the ultimate test and experiment for Jessica. It is very different from any life she’s lived before. She can be in the world but have space, and not be obsessed with what’s going on in the world. She talks about how to blend taking space and going within, and hustle culture. Jessica explains the idea with an example about personality types. It’s first about learning who you are. 

30:25 Addicted to Being Well Rounded

We are addicted to being well rounded. We don’t actually need to be great at everything. It’s better to focus on one or two things. Jessica and I discuss external expectations. We really need to allow ourselves to get quiet and ask ourselves questions about what we truly want. Jessica is showing up in the world in an authentic way and it is resonating like never before. 

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