Building a Team & Hiring to Expand your Growth & Impact with Jen Dillard

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In this episode, I’m chatting with powerhouse leader and entrepreneur, Jen Dillard. She is a real estate mogul based in Hood River, Oregon with over 200 million dollars of lifetime sales. She runs a team of 13 agents and is a busy mom of two. She cares about her team both personally and professionally and makes it her mission to help others succeed. If you are a mom and a business owner trying to figure out how to do it all, this episode is for you. 

Show Notes: 

02:34 A Fire for Real Estate

Jen started in real estate in 2007. It started off great, but then the recession hit and life took her other places. After becoming a wife and mom, she felt like she needed something for her that would light her fire again. Real estate had been that fire for her previously, so she got back in it, and hasn’t looked back since. 

05:08 Boundaries While Building a Business

Jen talks about how she’s found balance with her family while building her business. She’s not perfect at it, but her family is a non-negotiable. Jen’s husband is also an entrepreneur, so they have created boundaries together that allow them to disconnect from business. She also sets those expectations with her clients and her team. There are ways to make it fun!

10:27 Aligned Values as a Team

Values are an important part of building a strong team. In Jen’s business, they truly care about the culture and each other, which she attributes to a big part of their success. Finding team members with aligned values starts in the interview process. Both Jen and I agree that it’s important to delegate tasks within people’s zone of genius. Jen hires a person that fits the culture and then creates a position around their strengths. 

17:42 Creating a Caring Culture 

As a leader, Jen feels it’s important to care more about people as people instead of just as employees. She shares how she’s built this into her team culture by doing one on one meetings each week. Doing this helps her team feel cared for and want to work harder. Open communication and connection are also important pieces. 

20:45 Mistakes Are Essential for Growth

Entrepreneurs often struggle with that belief in themselves. Jen’s journey has been nowhere near perfect, but she believes mistakes are essential for growth. She knows that she is stronger than ever and can get back up again if something happens. 

26:35 Being a Mom and a CEO

Being a mom and a CEO can be beneficial to each role in the skills that you gain. Jen feels that she is more compassionate and understanding as a boss because she’s a mom. She is also highly organized as a CEO which helps her in her mom duties. The ways that we show up in business creates a positive role model for our kids.  

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