Instantly Make Success Easier By Doing This One Thing with Micah Folsom

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As human beings, we often make things harder than they have to be, but I like to keep things simple. I want to talk to you about the power of making a decision, and how that can make success feel a whole lot easier. 

Show Notes: 

02:05 Half In, Half Out

We often make decisions, but we don’t fully commit. We think we’re leaving the door open in case we want a way out. I share an example of this with one of my clients committing to her health journey. When she fully committed, so much pressure was lifted.  

04:33 Committing Beforehand

If you have a strong, focused goal, don’t give yourself a way out. When I attended a BBQ the other night, I went into it fully committed, and there was no temptation because I had made the decision beforehand. 

08:35 Stepping Into Your Success

There’s very specific things that will not take a ton of your time, and if you commit to them daily, instead of when you have time, or when you feel like it, success will get so much easier. It allows you to step into that new identity. When it’s who you are, it’s just how you operate, and it’s what you do on a daily basis.  

10:04 Make the Decision to Move Forward

Many of you are avoiding making the decision to protect yourself from failure. I challenge you to think about what it is that you want in life, and what you know you need to do to get there, but are not doing right now. I want you to make the decision right now to do those things to move forward. I promise you, it’s going to light you up!

14:40 Leaning Into Our Desires

What if we doubted our doubts and leaned into our desires? Those heart tugs are there for a reason. Once you put it out into the universe, things will start to fall into place. So what are you working towards? And what are you doing every single day to bring it to life? 

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