How to Improve your Life in an Instant with this Simple Shift

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In this episode, I talk about one simple shift that can change your entire perspective on many different areas of life. I share how I learned to focus on appreciation instead of expectations with my family, business, health, marriage, and more.

If you would like to know how to improve your life, this simple shift will be the perfect start for you! 

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“Trade your expectations for appreciation and your life changes in an instant” -Tony Robbins

This year, my family and I decided that we really want to focus on memories and experiences. As a kid, I remember watching my aunt travel all the time and I always thought it was the silliest thing. You never come home with anything tangible. I wondered why people spent thousands of dollars on vacations but now I get it! Fast forward to today, I cherish time with the people that I love over anything else.


With a baby on the way, we decided to take a trip this past holiday season. As we were in Disney, we knew some of the days would be stressful and hectic with kids ranging from 2-11. 

If I had expectations of this trip being stress free, I would be very disappointed when the kids started whining and fighting. But instead, I had already shifted my perspective. I am not claiming I had no hard moments. But, even in the midst of those, I was able to appreciate the days we had together and appreciate the magical look in Fynnlee’s eyes when she got off a little rollercoaster ride. 

9 times out of 10, life won’t go the way it’s expected. But you can look for blessings, lessons, and the good in every situation.


We get to decide what we are going to do with these next 12 months. This is one simple thing that we can apply that will completely shift our feelings and energy. 

Trade in your expectations for appreciation.


How can you be appreciative of where you’re at in your business? Be appreciative of where you are and the experiences that have brought you here, instead of being discouraged about not meeting your expectations of where you should be, constantly wishing you were further along, and you will show up differently and with more energy.


How can we be appreciative of our children today? Not when they’re out of this stage, not when they stop fighting? If we can appreciate their personalities and curiosity, we can help them and show up as a better parent.


It’s so easy to be like “I’ll be happy when I lose 30 pounds! I should be further along.” We create this friction for ourselves all the time because we have expectations and when we don’t meet them, we get frustrated, disappointed, and disgusted.

Self love generates positive behavior and positive choices. So how can you appreciate your body as it is right now while striving every day to take care of it as best you can? 


As you move forward with this positive mindset and simple shift, I really want you to look for the little moments that you can feel appreciation for. As your vision for life changes, the way you feel changes, your energy changes, and your results change.

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Podcast Sponsored by My Get Fit for Life Virtual Gym

Because getting FIT is much more than your physical body. It’s about your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness too!
Get more details on becoming a member here.

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