How to Human Better, Deepen Relationships, & Actually Feel Proud of Yourself with Lauren Zander

How to Human Better, Deepen Relationships, & Actually Feel Proud of Yourself

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In this week’s episode, I have Lauren Zander, the brilliant founder and CEO of the Handel Group. Lauren and I dig into topics around personal growth, honesty, and finding balance in life. Lauren shares her ‘Handle Method’, which empowers individuals to take charge and responsibility of their lives. We go deep into discussing the importance of keeping promises to ourselves, setting goals, and the role of external accountability. Don’t miss out on this truly eye-opening conversation around personal growth and living a life that is truly your own!

Show Notes: 

07:03 The 12 Areas Method

Lauren talks about the different areas of life that she focuses on in her coaching methodology. Relationships, money, health, spirituality, and more. By addressing each of these areas, we can create a more balanced and fulfilling life. Lauren gets into the importance of understanding why we remember certain things and the lessons we can learn from our past experiences. 

10:45 The Truth About Lying  

Lying has somehow been twisted into a virtue. There are different forms of lying, like lying by omission or exaggeration, and it affects our relationships and personal growth. There’a a power to being honest and authentic. By being true to ourselves and others, we can step into our true selves and foster deeper connections and intimacy. Be real and vulnerable.

18:59 Parallel Lines in Relationships

This concept acknowledges that two individuals in a relationship may have different perspectives and needs, but they can still understand and respect each other’s experiences. Come to agreements and actively listen, rather than trying to achieve a perfect understanding. Communication is key!

21:18 Take Inventory and Dream Big 

It’s important to reflect on our accomplishments and set new goals in various aspects of life. Whether it’s in our marriage, business, or personal growth, taking stock of what we’ve achieved and dreaming big helps us continue to grow and evolve. Focus on the positive aspects of the year and celebrate achievements.

32:35 Why Personal Integrity Matters

Lauren explains the Handel Group’s method of teaching personal integrity, and the importance of making promises to ourselves and actually keeping them. Personal accountability leads to growth. Build new habits and look for external support to help stay on track.

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