How to Scale to 6 Figures and Beyond While Working Full Time in 8-10 Hours a Week with Holly Haynes

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In this episode, we have Holly Haynes with us. She is a business strategist who loves a good plan and a flow chart. She is passionate about helping women build their dream careers and scale their businesses without sacrificing their weekends or priorities. We talk about how Holly made the transition from corporate while running business as a side hustle, to now running her business full time with the boundaries in place that are most important to her!

Show Notes: 

03:03 Full-Time Business on a Part-Time Schedule

Holly helps women build businesses that make sense for their personal lives through strategy and systems. She specializes in creating systems that make it possible to run a business on a part-time schedule. By applying her corporate background, she utilizes these skills in her current business.

05:15 I “Made It” But Was Still Unfulfilled

Holly finally got her corner office, but she felt unfulfilled. When the owner of Jenny’s Ice Cream came to her office to give a talk, something about her message moved Holly, and she felt the heart tugs that she could do more. She started on her journey of creating her business in January of 2020 – right before the pandemic hit. 

08:38 Using the Tools Available to You

As her business grew, Holly allowed it to evolve based on the feedback she received from people. She advises people to leverage the tools and resources available to them in their jobs to help them grow in their careers. 

10:10 Finding Time to Build the Business

Holly knew she had to build her business in a way that was intentional with how she was spending her time. She shares the hours and structure that she created to help her build her business while working her corporate job. 

15:30 Give Yourself Permission

Consistency is something that a lot of people struggle with. Putting her kids on the bus and taking them off, was a motivator for building her schedule in a way that fit into her goals for her life. Holly shares how she gave herself permission to take the risk of going all in on her business. 

20:30 Putting it Out into the Universe

In her experience, Holly feels that once you put something out into the universe, things start happening to support you. It’s good to also expect obstacles in the process, but don’t let it discourage you! 

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