How to Actually Hit Your Goals with Brad Bizjack

How to Hit Your Goals

Today we have one of our fan favorite guests back on the show – Brad Bizjack! Brad is a certified high performance coach, mindset coach, and creator of Appreciation Academy. He’s been a coach for 9 years working with some of the top online business owners (including me), and he has helped me level up in ways that I didn’t even know I needed. He takes where you’re at and helps you grow from there. In today’s episode, he is giving very tangible tips and strategies on how to actually hit your goals, so let’s dive in!

Show Notes:

02:45 Why Goals Evade People

When you think about goals and actually hitting them, have you ever noticed that with most people, goals evade them? There’s a reason why this is! The biggest reason is that people are obsessed with what they don’t want rather than what they do want. People play defense rather than playing offense.

If your brain is wired to focus on what you don’t want, you’re not going to find what you DO want. Focusing on the problem only perpetuates the problem. 

11:06 Check Your Level of Goals

The first way to break your goals is checking your level of goals. If you don’t have a compelling vision that excites and pulls you, you will automatically focus on what’s wrong in your life. One of the reasons people don’t hit their goals is because their goals are too small. Most people set their goals based on the past, but that only creates more of the past. 

20:20 Put a Focus on Who You Need to Be

After working with over 10,000 people, Brad sees a pattern that people operate from a “have, then, be” mindset. Brad was over $92k in debt and he felt the same way. It wasn’t until he realized that it wasn’t working, and the likelihood of it happening is small.  He shifted to a “Be, Do, Then” mindset.

29:50 Perfectionism Causes Pain

One of the ways that perfection guarantees pain is because you’ll achieve your goals, but it will feel hollow inside. 

32:00 I’ll Be Happy When…

How many people do you know that say “I’ll be happy when…”?

When this happens, people think about financial goals, career goals, lifestyle goals, and others that once achieved, will cause happiness. However, if you’re not happy and fulfilled where you are now, you won’t be when you reach your goals. 

All suffering in life comes from expectation that it should be different. You need to trade your expectations for appreciation and your life will change instantly. 

46:00 How to Dig Deeper with Brad

If you want to achieve your goals faster than ever before, Brad has discovered how high achievers hit their goals faster than others without having to work more. He put it together in a 10-day FREE mindset challenge called the Success Accelerator. 

Challenge Starts today, Monday Oct. 4th! Grab your spot to the group here!

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