Heal Acne & Skin Issues from the Inside-Out with Maria Marlowe

Heal Acne from the Inside

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Who said your skin isn’t as important as all other areas of health? In this episode I have Maria Marlowe, a certified holistic nutritionist specializing in reworking your regimen to get to better, natural, glowing skin. We all can heal acne & skin issues from the inside out! She explains the gut-brain-skin connection and the impact of stress and diet on skin health. Maria helps us break down and address potential root causes of skin imperfections, and how diet and lifestyle changes can make a huge impact. You’re definitely going to want to tune in this week to up your beautiful skin game!

Show Notes: 

01:25 Small Dietary Changes 

Maria shares her personal journey with acne and how simply changing her diet helped clear her skin naturally. She talks about incorporating more vegetables into her meals, reducing her sugar intake, and eliminating dairy and gluten from her diet. She talks about the role of nutrition in skin health and highlights the impact of dietary choices on acne.

07:45 The Gut-Brain-Skin Connection 

There is a fascinating connection between the gut, brain, and skin. Maria discusses how stress and diet can influence the health of our skin and how imbalances in the gut can manifest as skin issues. She emphasizes the importance of addressing these underlying factors for clear skin.

09:59 Bio-individuality 

Each person is different in their own bio-individuality, including responses to certain foods. Understanding how our bodies react to different foods is important to skin health. Maria also highlights the role of nutrient deficiencies in skin problems and the importance of addressing them through proper nutrition, including working with a nutritionist to optimize the process when necessary.

12:06 The Clear Skin Plan

Maria introduces the clear skin plan, which focuses on addressing the six root causes of acne. She explains that these root causes include nutrient deficiencies, pro-inflammatory foods, gut health, hormonal imbalance, stress, and overly harsh skincare. Maria provides an overview of how each of these factors can contribute to acne and highlights the importance of addressing them holistically.

20:59 Elimination Diet 

An elimination diet can be helpful in narrowing down how the body responds to different foods. It typically lasts between 2 to 4 weeks, which allows the body to eliminate potential trigger foods and observe any changes in symptoms. if symptoms reappear when a specific food is reintroduced, it could indicate a food intolerance or sensitivity. Individual experimentation and finding skincare products that work well for one’s specific skin type is encouraged.

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