Get Connected With Your Soul Journey with Dr. Elisa Hallerman 

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 In this episode, we have Dr. Elisa Hallerman, author and founder of Recovery Management Agency, the first of its kind that helps people recover from addiction through internal transformations. Dr. Elisa speaks about her personal transformation and understanding the psychology behind recovery. We talk about her Soul Journey program and what it means to dig deep to find your life path. 

Show Notes: 

02:50 Filling The Void 

Dr. Elisa kicks things off with a personal conversation about her past struggles that put her on the road to helping others with Recovery and Addiction. She talks about all the times she used things in her life to try to fill a void of sadness and unhappiness. After realizing that none of these things were making her feel any better, she knew she had to dig deep to understand what she really needed to do to find her joy. 

14:00 Psychology 

After asking herself some serious questions, Dr. Elisa knew she wanted to help other people understand where to go and what to do in order to get the help that they need. She went back to school and studied in a Depth Psychology program, which focuses on uprooting the unconscious mind and finding meaning in our experiences. She took that information and took it a step further in looking at how it could help with addiction and recovery. 

19:43 Redefine Your Success 

It’s important for people to throw out the script for what they think their lives are supposed to look like. Redefine success based on what you want versus what others want and focus on your own personal achievements. Take your curiosity to the next level and start to pull the strings to figure out what you really want. 

24:52 The Soul Journey    

When you can tap into your soul, or the essence of who you are, you start asking questions that you’ve never asked yourself before. Every person needs to go on a journey of their soul. Sometimes, people hush the thoughts and ideas coming from their souls, but it’s important to listen, even if they are big and scary concepts. It helps you pinpoint the things that are making you truly happy and the things you need to change.  

30:54 Steps to Dig Deeper

There are steps within a soul journey that will be essential to digging deep within yourself. It’s not always easy to go through these journeys, but they are important in figuring out who you are and what’s ahead. It’s about learning the language to better understand yourself and what you really need. 

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