From Renting Your Headspace to Owning It With Modern Stoicism with Andrew McConnell

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In this episode, we have Andrew McConnell, a graduate of multiple elite  colleges who turned business owner after navigating the corporate world. Andrew took his experience and expertise on ancient philosophies to write a book about stoicism. Living in an age where our attention spans are shorter than goldfish and we constantly have more than enough options to choose from, how do we focus our energy and stay in our lane? Today, we get to explore how these ancient philosophies can help show up and refocus our energy. 

Show Notes: 

03:53 Identity   

Andrew opens up with talking about his life and journey so far. After some reflection, he came to the conclusion that people don’t have to define themselves by means of a title. People are all unique individuals. The one thing that can’t be taken away from someone is their mind.  

07:35 Individuality  

Andrew talks about how truly unique each individual person is, but how we shave down our individuality to fit into society. To take ownership of who we are, we need to stop “renting out our mind” and giving our time away. We choose the time we put into thinking about certain things and what time we dedicate to actions based on those things.   

15:07 Time 

We discuss the importance of time blocking and making sure we are prioritizing the things that really matter. There’s a lot of time that gets filled in with “fluff”, but we are in control of our time and should make sure our time is filled with doing the things we want to be doing.    

21:22 Process  

Our time should be focused around the process and not the results. We can’t control what the outcome is going to be. If all we focus on are the results, we are going to have a big crash when we get to the end goal. Taking in the process will help fill our cup over a longer period of time. 

26:22 Stoicism   

An old philosophy that Andrew highlights is stoicism, which asks about what we can control and what is out of our control. He talks about how we need to distinguish those things and focus on what we can control. He mentions that his book helps people take back their time and use it to create a meaningful life. 

32:33 Actions   

We don’t always have control of our reactions to situations, what we do have control of is how long we linger on it. We are in control of our time. We just need to practice how to handle that control.     

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