How to Use Human Design to Find More Flow in Your Life with Erin Claire Jones

Erin Claire Jones

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In this episode, I am joined by Erin Claire Jones, expert in Human Design and Leadership Coach. We discuss what Human Design is, the 5 different types and how each is different, how you can find your unique Human Design and discover together what my Human Design is! This is a fun episode that will give you clues to how you operate, what motivates you and how to find more flow in everything you do!

Show Notes: 

00:50 An Introduction to Erin Claire Jones

Today we have an incredible guest – Erin Claire Jones! The conversation we are about to have is one that you will NOT want to miss. Erin uses human design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. 

Erin has been working in Human Design since 2015. She graduated from college, went into the startup world, but found herself observing a lot of dysfunction. There wasn’t enough attention on how to best leverage each person. In 2015, she was at her friend’s home sitting next to a stranger and the stranger asked Erin if they could look up her human design. It was spot on! She ended up building a business with that person for 2 years and started her own practice in 2018.

4:38 What Is Human Design

Human design is a system similar to astrology that’s based on your time, place, and date of birth. The idea is that it reveals our energetic blueprint and how we’re uniquely wired to do things in our lives (like a roadmap!)  

The five types of human design are manifesting generators, generators, projectors, manifesters, and projectors. 

7:00 Manifesting Generators & Generators

Manifesting generators and generators are separate yet similar. They’re the doers! They bring the energy and life force to make things happen. They wake up with energy and go to bed exhausted. One of their biggest lessons is boundaries because people can sense their capacity and they have to have the courage to say no. 

9:21 Projectors

Projectors are here to be leaders, guides, advisors, and teachers – but not here to do the doing. They know how to ask the right questions but they won’t thrive if they’re consistently doing. 

11:11 Manifestors 

Manifestors are here to be the initiators and the innovators – the ones who are here to get the idea off the ground and bring the energy in the beginning. They like to get things started then handing it off. They can struggle being told what to do, especially in a more traditional work environment. Their strategy is initiating, not waiting. 

13:21 Reflectors

Reflectors are the rarest type of people. They are deeply sensitive to their physical space and they often take in and magnify the energy that they are around. There may be periods where they feel different types. We call them evaluators in a sense of business.

13:21 My Personal Type!

Before finding out which type I am, I feel like I resonate with all of them. Right now, I resonated most with the manifesting generator. 

I am a manifestor!

20:38 Making Decisions Based on Human Design

There is something called inner authority which speaks to how we best make decisions. Although I’m meant to follow the urges that arise in me, I’m not meant to be impulsive. I should wait for a cool calm knowing before acting on my urges. 

23:42 Identifying My Open Centers

There are areas of our design that we are very sensitive to. They are called our open centers. For me, my energy can ebb and flow. The shadow for me is burning myself out and pushing myself beyond my capacity. The wisdom for me is to know that I’m here to initiate and that I’ll be more clear with more rest. 

29:15 Understanding My Design Profile

There’s an aspect of our design called profile which speaks to how we’re uniquely wired to manifest our purpose. I am a 3/6. This means that there is a trial and error nature to my design. I’m here to make mistakes and learn from my failures! One of Erin’s reminders for me is to not get discouraged if something doesn’t go right at first. 

36:00 Getting Connected to Your Human Design & Erin

For the listener that’s ready to find out what they are, Erin first recommends getting access to your blueprint. 

Here’s the link to get their Blueprint, a personalized guide to their unique design: erinclairejones.com/blueprint  

The code DOYOURCRAP will get you 10% off your Blueprint or a spot in my next Flow workshop 🙂  

Here’s a link to look up their design: erinclairejones.com/lookup  

Here’s a link to book an individual session: erinclairejones.com/individual  

Here’s Erin’s website: erinclairejones.com  

Here’s Erin’s Instagram: instagram.com/erinclairejones  

Here’s a link to join Erin’s next free intro webinar: https://howdoyouchoose1.splashthat.com

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