6 Components to Run a Better Business and Speed up Your Success With Emily Ransone

Speed Up Your Business Success

In this episode, I am joined by multifaceted career professional Emily Ransone. She is an Author, Business Owner, and EOS Implementer, among many other things as well! We discuss simplifying your business and life with a set of effective tools to help you focus and align with your greatest purpose. 

Show Notes: 

02:30 An Introduction to Emily Ransone

I invite Emily to share about her background and what led her to do this work. She talks about how she is called to her mission because she has experience as a business owner. She is now able to share that knowledge with others through her passion for helping people. Emily touches on an important theme of this conversation which is finding easier ways to be successful, utilizing your energy as an entrepreneur, and getting into the flow of life. 

05:38 Background to EOS and Emily’s Journey

Emily talks about a time when she was running a large business, and struggling along the way, piecing together tools from many areas, but coming to the realization that she needed a more streamlined approach. After reading several books and applying the tools to her business, she was able to achieve a new level of operational freedom and focus on what she really loved to do. 

07:58 What Is EOS?

EOS stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System. It gives you a set of six components to focus on strengthening within your business. It is applicable to a variety of industries. The six key components are vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. This model provides a holistic view on where you’re going and how you’re going to get there, in business and in life. 

12:17 An Overview of the Six Key Components 

The first is vision. The tool within vision is the vision traction organizer. The second component is people. It is all about having the right people in the right places in order to make everything else run more smoothly. The third is data. These tools allow you to really get clear and accountable for what is happening within your business, and how to use that knowledge to grow towards your goals. The fourth component is issues. The model provides a system of steps for how to solve the issues at hand. The fifth component is process. This is about outlining your core methodology so that you can guide your team to get the results that you need. The sixth and last component is traction which is about how you execute your vision with discipline and accountability. 

21:03 The 90-Minute Meeting

Emily shares an opportunity for listeners to access the free tools in this model, with the context of how to apply them to your business. Please find the resources listed below.

23:10 A Simple, Yet Effective Way To Run a Business 

Emily talks about how she appreciates how Gino Wickman, the creator of the EOS model, has simplified the process for running a business and how it is applicable to many industries, as well as life in general. 

26:00 Do More of What Matters

If you are feeling overwhelmed in life, you may be saying yes to too many things. Emily talks about a workshop that she gives called Drop the Ball: Do More of What Matters. The workshop helps nonprofit agencies learn what they should be saying yes and no to. This workshop ties to the idea that we need to be spending our time and energy on what we are most passionate about and what we are best at. 

30:35 The Five Second Rule

Emily shares another tool that she loves. Humans have a gut impulse that drives us to take inspired action which leads us to alignment and fulfillment in life. We often naturally revert to talking ourselves out of these things, when we really need to listen to that initial gut feeling to find our direction. 

31:19 Growth Junkies Unite

Emily references her book ‘Growth Junkies Unite’ where she has compiled a collection of her favorite tools. She talks about being self-taught and distilling the most important, and essential knowledge in a world of overwhelming information. 

33:52 Giving Back to Others

We share how you can connect with Emily to gain access to the free resources she is offering. Emily invites people in with open arms and talks about her passion for giving back to others. In her opinion, our greatest purpose on this earth is to help others grow and live as their best selves. 

36:20 Getting Connected to Emily and Her Offerings

Here’s Emily’s Website: tractionforgrowth.com

Follow Emily on Instagram: @emilyransone

To access the free 90 Minute Meeting, VIP code for the Book, and the Free Toolkit, Here’s Emily’s Email Address: efransone@gmail.com

Here’s Emily’s LinkedIn: Emily Ransone

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